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The new chairman says the current name has a “painful image”
Korean carmaker SsangYong was in quite a tough spot at the height of the pandemic. It defaulted on P2.6 billion loan payments and filed for court receivership at the end of 2020.In late 2022, however, things started to turn around
The company isn’t dead yet
As a business, SsangYong has definitely seen much better times. The car manufacturer is currently in the middle of buyout negotiations, but it isn't letting economic hardship get in the way of producing some pretty neat rides.The latest model to
Do you own one of this brand’s vehicles?
South Korean car brand SsangYong will soon have a new owner.According to a report by Reuters, SsangYong will be acquired by a consortium led by Edison Motors in a deal worth 305 billion South Korean won (over P13 billion).The COVID-
Does it offer value for the money?
SsangYong is a brand that has not had the best reputation in the Philippines. From a multitude of different groups handling the brands, to questionable 2000's styling, the Korean brand's reputation took hit after hit in the eyes of the
A very underrated option
Compact SUVs? Yeah, we have a good number of them here in the Philippines. Diesel-powered offerings? You aren't going to turn a corner around these parts without hearing their familiar rattle. Both in one package, though? Surprisingly, there aren't
This SUV sketch is codenamed ‘X200,’ and it looks familiar
Yes, this is a SsangYong, not another brand you might be thinking of. The Korean carmaker-owned by Indian engineering behemoth Mahindra & Mahindra-has released these new sketches of its upcoming next-generation SUV. Remember, SsangYong.The new SUV has been codenamed '
The Korean carmaker also has another EV in the works
SsangYong has been going through a rough patch for quite some time now. At the tail end of 2020, the company already filed for court receivership as it supposedly defaulted on a loan repayment amounting to 60 billion Korean won (P2.6
The brand is now also offering free e-bikes
One reason some families stick with a single car brand? It's simply easier to upgrade within a product ecosystem you're satisfied with than it is to try out something new. Why mix things up when you're already familiar with
It’s been a tough year for the Korean carmaker
While it's been a tough year for all automotive manufacturers across the industry, some carmakers have been hit far worse by this pandemic than most. SsangYong Motor, for example, has now had to file for court receivership according to a Reuters
In case you’re looking for a little more refinement
If you once considered the SsangYong Tivoli but scratched it off your list due to the lack of a gasoline variant, you might want to reconsider. The Korean car manufacturer has just announced that the crossover is once again available with a
We’re liking the look already
It's only been a month since SsangYong unveiled the refreshed Rexton on our side of the globe, but it appears a new facelift is already in the works in the carmaker's homeland of Korea. Actually, scratch that thought. It's
Purchases of the new model now come with free PMS for up to five years
The list of refreshed and all-new models that have arrived this year continues to grow, and the latest addition to the roster is the updated SsangYong Rexton.The redesigned midsize SUV debuts with a front fascia that looks more refined than
The lone turbodiesel-powered subcompact crossover in a petrol-dominated segment
Save for a few small but effective design changes, the 2020 SsangYong Tivoli is as visually impressive today as when it first landed on our shores. And with a new engine and some fresh digs, it has suddenly become perfectly poised to
Battle of the Korean subcompact SUVs
One of the more recent segments to grow rapidly in the Philippines is that of the subcompact SUV. Today, the spotlight is on three of the latest Korean B-segment crossovers available on the market. All variants featured are priced below P1.
An alternate reality
After penning the award-winning Mercedes-motivated Musso in the '90s, SsangYong lead designer Ken Greenley seemingly went off the deep end. First came the aardvark-snouted second-gen Korando. Then the whale-like Stavic-née Rodius-widely considered one of
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