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Here’s what we know so far
We wrote last month that the Volkswagen Tharu could be headed for our market based on a teaser released by Volkswagen Philippines. Well, we can now confirm that the model will be sold locally: The first batch of Tharu units has arrived
What exactly is it?
By the looks of things, it seems that Volkswagen Philippines might be bringing in the Tharu crossover here. So far, there are three shadowy teaser photos on the company's Facebook page, but there are enough details shown to figure out this '
Will the previously teased model still be launched?
About a week ago, Volkswagen Philippines released a teaser for a new crossover. At the time, we reckoned it would be an updated version of the T-Cross. However, the company quietly released something else at least in the meantime.Landing in
Looks promising
There are several models we'd love for Volkswagen Philippines to bring here. We miss having the Tiguan around, as well as the Jetta and the Golf wagon. While it would be nice to have the new generations of those models here,
We’re pretty sure it’s a T-Cross. Although...
Volkswagen Philippines has been fairly quiet when it comes to new car launches. But that's about to change soon as it recently released a teaser for an upcoming model that we can all expect soon. For now, it's just one,
More practicality and speed still to come from Volkswagen's new electric van
We love the Volkswagen ID Buzz, but we always knew there was more to come. Now we know what. More versatility and more power.This summer, a longer version will arrive. It should be a whole lot more versatile and useful than
Full reveal coming soon
Volkswagen will rock up to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas later this week with a bit of a surprise: the first public appearance of the upcoming ID.7 saloon.And just look at that paintjob. VW has dressed up its
This is no TDI
Reports of the sports sedan's death have, sadly, not been greatly exaggerated, which means few will take notice of this outlier. Volkswagen has revealed the Jetta GLI Performance concept, and it's rather appealing.Because it's not another crossover
“The T-Cross itself is more than just a car—t’s a statement”
When the great twentieth-century balladeer Steven Tyler crooned "Life's a journey, not a destination," he probably wasn't talking about Philippine traffic. But despite George Ramirez's promise to get us home by four o'clock, the driving rain and
Yet another stylish and affordable subcompact crossover
As subcompact crossovers kept coming left and right, Volkswagen decides to get a piece of the action because, well, why not? So, the 2022 Volkswagen T-Cross was launched last March, and it's vying for your consideration.ALSO READ:PH market
Does it have the makings of a legitimate competitor in its segment?
The local subcompact crossover segment already feels a bit too crowded at this point. But carmakers still keep bringing in new models left and right anyway. In 2021 alone, we saw a number of refreshed nameplates and entirely new models make their
And a bunch of other models
Is a brand-new Volkswagen in the cards for you this Christmas season? If it wasn't before, it might be now-at least if you're willing to pay in cash.From now until December 31, the German car manufacturer is
An early Christmas gift from the carmaker
If the Volkswagen T-Cross is on your Christmas gift list for yourself (lucky you) or a loved one (lucky them), you might want to check out the subcompact crossover's latest variant in the local market.Volkswagen Philippines has just announced
VW is again letting car buyers use their DPs as savings this month
Volkswagen Philippines is marking its eighth anniversary this year, and in celebration, it is rolling out some sweet deals for the entire month of October.The carmaker is offering to waive down payments on select models and variants. Through Bank of the
Choosing fleet vehicles is no easy task
Purchasing fleet vehicles is no easy task for any company. Business owners must have an immense amount of trust in a particular car from a specific brand before they pull the trigger. After all, these vehicles will be servicing employees and will
Which value-for-money crossover are you taking?
The subcompact crossover segment just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The latest addition to this continuously growing list is the Chevrolet Tracker. Seeing as it's yet another feature-packed, bang-for-your-buck small SUV, we've decided to pit it
How does this German offering stack up against the rest of the segment?
When Volkswagen Philippines launched the Santana in 2018, it was doing more than just introducing a potential Vios or City competitor. Priced at well below P1 million, the subcompact sedan was spearheading the brand's local transition into a more budget-friendly
The two-tone finish will cost an extra P45,000
Volkswagen Philippines gave us a mere sneak peek at the Multivan Kombi the last time around. Today, the carmaker has released more specs as well as the introductory prices of its new people-hauler.First, let's talk pricing. Contrary to the
DPs will be settled as hold-out deposits and can be withdrawn after 24 months
If you're in the market for a brand-new sedan, you might want to check out Volkswagen Philippines' latest promo.For the month of July, the carmaker is offering its vehicles with no cash-out through its 'Zero in on a
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