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Are you down with this?
At the rate Amazon is expanding, it's only a matter of time before people wake up to find that Jeff Bezos has become the world's overlord-maybe even with a giant, veiny head and telepathic powers a la South Park.
What do you think?
Delivery vans, let alone ones used by services outside of the Philippines, aren't usually something we concern ourselves with here at Top Gear Philippines. We're making an exception for Amazon's new custom-built electric delivery fleet, though-it just
The perks of being the world’s richest man
Jeff Bezos is a pretty rich dude. As of 2020, Bloomberg estimates that the Amazon founder and CEO is worth about $127 billion (over P6.4 trillion)-a tad bit more moolah than fellow tech mogul Bill Gates ($118 billion) and significantly
Delivering parcels, one silent quarter-mile at a time
Earlier this year, a small online retail company called Amazon led a £544 million (around P35.3 billion) round of investment in the all-electric startup Rivian. Now, off the back of that, Amazon has placed a huge order for 100,000
To be released in 2016
As everyone who's even mildly into cars knows Jeremy Clarkson lost his job as the main host of the Top Gear TV show in March after having assaulted producer Oisin Tymon. Everyone also already knows that the planet's biggest motoring
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