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It's the dictionary definition of rubbing salt in the wound: Aston Martin had a weekend to forget at the 2022 Australian Grand Prix after crashes, fines, and no points scored-and now multiple drivers have put the boot in by claiming
Hulkenberg will continue to deputize for his COVID-stricken compatriot
Sebastian Vettel still hasn't recovered sufficiently from the bout of COVID-19 that kept him out of last week's Bahrain Grand Prix, so Nico Hulkenberg will sub in for the second race in a row in Saudi Arabia this weekend.
The stand-in Hulkenberg will race for Aston Martin in the season opener
Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel has tested positive for COVID-19 and will miss the season-opener in Bahrain this weekend, with his seat at Aston Martin filled by-you guessed it-the one and only Nico Hulkenberg.This'll be
This thing looks wild
It's now clear that Aston Martin is adept at engineering not only beautiful cars and competitive Formula 1 machines (sort of) but also insane sim-racing rigs. Remember the AMR-C01 Racing Simulator? Well, the British carmaker is now back with
The team will now be known as the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team
There was much chat about British Racing Green last year as the once-pink Racing Point team was rebranded as Aston Martin. We loved it here at TG, but a few of Aston's sponsors weren't so keen as, apparently, it
We wonder how much these will sell for following TB12’s retirement
Have you seen the news today? Then you may have heard that Tom Brady, NFL superstar (and arguably the greatest to ever do it), is officially retiring after 22 seasons.Rightfully so, as the former New Englands Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers
0-100kph in 3.3 seconds, anyone?
This is it. The fastest, most powerful, and 'best handling' Aston Martin DBX ever built. This is the Aston Martin DBX707, but you can call it whatever you like, because it's got nearly seven hundred horsepower and will outrun pretty much
The best way to spend an F1 break? With history lessons, of course...
This you probably know already: Max Verstappen claimed his first Formula 1 world title over the weekend, but Mercedes successfully defended its constructors' championship. What you might not know yet: Sir Jackie Stewart, a triple world champion himself, can take some pride
Do you approve?
Car: Aston Martin DB11Before starting his vlogs on Youtube in 2015, Dobrik gained early popularity on the video-sharing app Vine. He is known for his high-energy and funny videos. His most viewed video on YouTube is 'She said she'd
Aston Martin has confirmed it will once again shoehorn a massive V12 into its smallest car, and, yes, we can officially call it: Christmas has come early.An almost comically short press release reads thusly: "You've heard about it. You will
And to celebrate the occasion, it’s posed here with a 65,000-ton warship...
The Aston Martin Bulldog is not an easy car to upstage, but if anything in the world of high-performance transport can do it, a 65,000-ton warship gives it a good go. The flight deck of the HMS Prince of
Definitely worth the wait
Daniel Craig once admitted that he'd rather "slash his wrists" than play James Bond again. He was being mischievous, but he also strongly suggested that Spectre wasn't the send-off he wanted. That film had its moments, but it was
You’ll need Her Majesty’s budget to afford it
The long, long wait to watch No Time to Die is very nearly up, and Aston Martin's latest James Bond collaboration has us very excited indeed.It's The Little Car Company's No Time to Die special edition of the
Honey, I blew up the—wait, wrong movie franchise
Not long to go now before the release of the much-delayed 25th James Bond film, No Time to Die. To mark the occasion, Aston Martin-of which there are many in the new film-has teamed up with Corgi to build
No gullwing doors on this roofless Valkyrie, though
Great news for all those who put a deposit down on Aston's £2.5 million (P174 million) hard-topped hypercar, only to realize they couldn't fit into Adrian Newey's snug cabin-it's the new Aston Martin Valkyrie Spider.
Set to be unveiled at Monterey Car Week
Aston Martin says it's bringing a new car to Monterey Car Week. And this is it.Looks an awful lot like a Valkyrie, no? Perhaps we're about to get a new or updated version of the company's madcap V12
“I’m swearing quite a lot and our forward-facing GoPro appears to have fainted”
We're next in the queue. Darren Turner, three-time Le Mans winner-aka my chauffeur-pushes the engine-start button on the bottom of the Aston Martin Valkyrie's squircle steering wheel. Nothing happens. Well, a hum and then a squeal
Following a very dramatic race day at Silverstone
Sunday's British GP was quite an eventful one, from the first-lap collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen to Hamilton's 50th-lap maneuver to take the lead from Ferrari's Charles Leclerc. Suffice to say, there was a lot
Sensible compared with the Valkyrie
While the Valkyrie was busy screaming up the hill and whipping the Goodwood crowds into a champagne-soaked frenzy, we were being ushered into a private viewing pod on the opposite side of the estate, away from the public's prying eyes
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