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With gadgets galore
You don't have to be a car buff or a James Bond fan to know what this is-it's only one of the most iconic movie cars of all time. It's an Aston Martin DB5, and this one here
It was ahead of its time
This is the Aston Martin Lagonda Vignale Concept, presented at the 1993 Geneva International Motor Show alongside what would become the DB7. It was produced for Aston Martin by the Ghia design house, which was also part of the Ford portfolio as
Test your film and car knowledge
Fun fact: the James Bond film franchise turns 58 this year. Amazing, right? That's nearly six decades worth of martinis, guns, gadgets, girls, and of course, cars that have graced the big screen. Also a lot of changing societal norms, but
It’s finally moving
Aston Martin has made a bike. You might remember seeing the AMB 001 back in 2019 (such innocent days), when it was first unveiled. Well now, it's actually moved, putting in some development miles around Pau-Arnos circuit in France.That'
Automotive excess or engineering pinnacles?
Okay, we're going to try to get through this article without mentioning the gilded age, the 1%, being rich as Croesus, or anything like that. Each time we fail, we're going to put 20 bucks in a jar. We would
Rare doesn't even begin to describe it
Do you feel a deep, unquenchable ache in your heart? Was the onset of thine yearning triggered by image above? You are not alone, friend. Because the Aston Martin V12 Zagato, first unveiled back in 2011, is not an unpretty car. It
Due to low production volumes
One of the biggest names in sports-car manufacturing is hurting following COVID-19's impact on sales.According to a report by Reuters, Aston Martin has announced plans to cut up to 500 jobs due to low production levels. The carmaker
You read that right
There are toys, and then there are toys. This is the latter. In the words of Aston Martin Works boss Paul Spires, this continuation DB5 Goldfinger is one of "the most desirable toys ever built for 25 very lucky buyers worldwide."That'
Tobias Moers is now in charge of the British marque
Aston Martin is to have a new boss from August 1. He is Tobias Moers, who was until now the chief of Mercedes-Benz's AMG division. Andy Palmer, Aston's existing CEO, steps down immediately. Palmer launched some great new cars,
The brand that has the best fictional endorser ever
Aston Martin is a British luxury and sports-car manufacturer that seemingly exists only to supply gorgeous cars to Q Division of MI6...which never do seem to make it back in one piece. But, unlike dear James, Aston is a real
Every big company has a turning point
The Volkswagen Golf's story starts with the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most successful and iconic cars ever built. During its heyday in the '40s to the '60s, the company unsurprisingly produced several variants. However, it was facing a major dilemma:
Or you can think of it as two cars for the very high price of one
Last year, a new company-R-Reforged-wanted to celebrate Zagato's 100th anniversary by bringing back 2011's stunning Aston Martin V12 Vantage Zagato. At the time, details were thin. We were told that there would only be 19 Vantage Speedsters,
It was a working concept, too
In 2001, Aston Martin was a very different company-wholly owned by Ford, no official involvement in motorsport, and with a range made up of just two cars (the DB7 and the first-generation Vanquish). How could it possibly know what the
It's an issue of real-world practicality
I realize it's probably me that's going to come out of this looking silly, because the Aston Martin Valkyrie is the purest, most intoxicating piece of engineering I've come across in my 35 years. And I've never even
Complete with turbocharging and hybridization
This is the engine that will power the Aston Martin Valhalla. It's the first engine designed in-house by the British carmaker itself-rather than wheeled in on crates from elsewhere-since 1968. England still had possession of the World Cup
It looks astonishing
Well that's quite a sight, isn't it? If the Aston Martin Valkyrie has thus far seemed a little too otherworldly to get excited about-a track-focused hypercar with a 1,160hp output and 11,100rpm redline seems almost too
Limited to just 88 examples
Great news, Top Gear readers and millionaire car collectors! Welcome to a limited-edition supercar that-get this-isn't yet sold out! You can have your very own Aston Martin V12 Speedster. One of 88 examples, to be precise. And you
The best it has done is 192mph (309kph) back in 1981
Oh sure, your dog could probably hit 200mph these days, such is the pace of progress. But a British company wants to send one particular dog to that benchmark figure. The Aston Martin Bulldog.That British company is Classic Motor Cars, and
This kit is by Lumma Designs
The DBX isn't even out yet, but already, Lumma Design-you know, one of those mad German tuners like Novitec or Mansory-has had its way with Aston Martin's first SUV.Lumma will only ever build 20 'VLR AM' kits,
This is an Aston Martin DBX courtesy of the Q Division
This, everyone, is the Aston Martin DBX showing off its 'darker side.' It's from the British carmaker's Q Division, which takes care of wilder, more bespoke versions of Aston's product line.Expect many DBXs to end up with the
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