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That's over 200hp per liter
Audi describes this limited-edition hot hatch as a "true street artist", though it won't be painting a merry picture outside Europe because, um, you'll see why later.That's right, the most powerful production RS3 ever now bears
There’s gray if ‘Kyalami Green’ or ‘Python Yellow’ is too loud for you
Calling all fast Audi enthusiasts and, um, anyone at work who needs to kill a bit of time before their next meal break-it's the configurator for the new RS3.The main takeaways are: a) this is not a cheap car,
It can do 0-100kph in 3.8sec
Prometheus was famed for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humanity. But one look at the new, third-generation Audi RS3's spec sheet suggests the big man might be a keen motoring enthusiast.Because any 'family hatchback' that
Same engine, more outgoing personality
A new Audi RS3 is coming, and before too long, we'll see the entire car, shorn of its camouflage and '1-2-4-5-3' decals-the latter a not-so-subtle shorthand for its five-cylinder engine.Audi has released
Its 400hp five-cylinder turbo will feature a 1-2-4-5-3 firing order
Audi might wax lyrical about electrification and digitization all it likes, but the company still hearts its combustion engines. Plastered across the flanks of its camouflaged new RS3 below-our first look at the new SuperHatch-is the five-cylinder turbo's
We can't see the color clearly, but we like it
This is a fast Audi, and it is called the RS3 Nardo edition. Judging by how popular these things are, merely whispering 'Fast Audi' will do the trick.So, Audi. Is fast. This special Nardo edition is even faster than the normally-
Try not to mind the stiffness
The Audi RS3 used to be a missed opportunity. A classy, good-looking hatchback that'd had a rally car-aping five-cylinder engine shoehorned ahead of the driver, but without much sense of humor sprinkled in. It was almightily quick, but
And it looks stunning
If you saw the new Mercedes-AMG A45 S the other week, with its 415hp and fancy drift mode and thought 'well that looks a bit tame', then you should really close your laptop or put down your phone at this point.
It's got 400hp
Remember the Audi RS3? Course you do-the first sedan version was revealed at the Paris Motor Show last year, brandishing an unholy 400hp. The five-door hatchback was quiet and neglected while its booted sister grabbed the headlines, but now Audi'
With an impressive 400hp
Audi has just unveiled a monster at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. This powered-up A3, known as the RS3 sedan, packs quite a punch. What's immediately noticeable about this new model are the numbers. It sports a five-cylinder, 2.
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