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Explains the growing number of chinese cars on our roads
Still surprised by the rise of Chinese presence in the Philippine car scene? Well, here's what the data say. China's economic prowess has been steadily climbing the ranks of the automotive landscape. Recently, it finally emerged on top-the People'
Good luck, sir!
GAC Motor Philippines has found its new head.Astara Philippines, the Chinese car brand's official local distributor, has named automotive industry veteran Redentor "Jun" Cajayon as GAC's local brand head.Under Cajayon's helm, GAC Motor Philippines has its sights
Some trivia for you gearheads out there
You'll hear all sorts of interesting theories (including a couple here), but no one actually knows where the Jeep name came from. The Jeep as we know it was a military utility vehicle commissioned by the US government, with the eventual
We all have to start somewhere
Some say that the best driving school is being out on the actual street-faced with impatient motorists, zig-zagging motorcycles, and every pothole and bump Metro Manila's road system has to throw at you.They're not wrong. Experience is,
How time flies
The Everest, Ranger, Territory, and Ranger Raptor (soon, we think). Frankly, you just can't talk SUVs and pickups without mentioning Ford Philippines.The American car brand has cemented its reputation as one of the market's go-to truck and SUV
Uh oh
The funding for all those fancy new bridges and infrastructure projects? It has to come from somewhere, right? And with the way discussions regarding the Department of Finance's (DOF) proposal to raise taxes are going, it's increasingly looking likely that
The segment is growing at a rapid pace
Size matters when it comes to cars? Sure. But bigger doesn't necessarily mean better-or more sellable for that matter. Just ask Nissan and Mitsubishi.According to a new report by Nikkei Asia, the two Japanese car manufacturers are gearing up
Do you agree?
From the top of your head, what's the most loved car brand in the Philippines? Naturally, it must be one of the major Japanese car manufacturers, right? Probably Toyota, or perhaps Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Nissan, or Honda you would think.According to
The company continues to expand
When someone mentions the longest-running names in the automotive industry, what are the first few to come to mind? Toyota pops up, having been founded in the 1930s, and the same goes for Nissan.Naturally, car manufacturers are the first brands
After 2025, the current Alpina lineup will be discontinued
The BMW Group has announced it has acquired the rights to Alpina. Which means one of the coolest tuners on Planet Earth will officially become part of BMW.Of course, Alpina and BMW have worked closely together for over half a century,
Toyota and Mitsubishi remain the top-selling brands in our market
The Philippine automotive industry took a huge hit in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From 457,110 vehicles sold in 2019, the total dropped to a dismal 244,274 the following year.Now that 2021 has concluded, though, we have
This isn’t a good look
A shortage in automotive supply caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is leading to a rise in dealership car prices, and consumers are paying the price.According to US-based car shopping website, more and more buyers are settling for
How did your favorite brand do?
Despite the challenges posed by 2021, like global chip shortages and supply issues and empty toilet-roll aisles (hey, it matters), Audi delivered just 0.7% fewer cars last year than in 2020.Indeed, the carmaker reported a whopping 57.5% increase
It has signed a non-binding agreement with chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries
The global automotive industry has been badly affected by the ongoing semiconductor shortage, with several companies being forced to halt manufacturing and cut production targets in different markets.American carmaker Ford has also been hit by the crisis, but it is now
At this rate, the industry could surpass last year’s total sales
After reflecting significant growth halfway through the year, the Philippine automotive industry continued its recovery in the third quarter of 2021.According to data from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI) and the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors (
What do you think of this hire?
Cum laude in physics, an expert in motion-activated user interfaces, imaging and power solutions, president of Analog Micro-electromechanical Systems and Sensors Group-no this isn't the CV of some newly hired Silicon Valley chief technology officer. This extensive background
We might be seeing the end of an era soon
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Groupe PSA are closing in on the big merger that's expected to happen this year. But once the joint company, which will be called Stellantis, is formally introduced, it could also mean the end of the
Aston has been struggling recently
Aston Martin is to use more technology from Mercedes-Benz, in exchange for Mercedes raising its shareholding in the company to 20%.The plan calls for Aston to use Mercedes' engine and hybrid technology and electric systems, as it now does, up
Every big company has a turning point
The Volkswagen Golf's story starts with the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most successful and iconic cars ever built. During its heyday in the '40s to the '60s, the company unsurprisingly produced several variants. However, it was facing a major dilemma:
More than two million vehicles were sold in the People’s Republic last month
The global automotive industry took a big hit from the COVID-19 crisis, but some markets have been showing signs of recovery as of late. China, for one, has seen its sales figure improve over the last month.According to a Reuters
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