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Do you see yourself spoiling your kid with this?
In case you’d rather not carry a booklet around
When it comes to keeping cyclists safe on the road, education goes both ways. It isn't just bikers who need to know what they're doing while on the go-motorists need to be aware of the dos and don'ts,
The booklets will be distributed for free in all SM Malls nationwide
With more people turning to bicycles as a means to get around the metro amid this pandemic, government agencies and various LGUs have started establishing bike lanes to make roads safer for cyclists.But of course, pushing for better infrastructure isn't
Be advised
The Department of Health (DOH) is reminding the public that active-transport users-cyclists, EKS users-are not required to wear face shields. The agency emphasized that this could pose potential safety risks on the road for these people.As stated in
Provided you follow a few guidelines
Yes, you can bike outdoors for exercise despite the Greater Manila Area being under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). The Philippine Department of Health (DOH) made this clear enough on social media last week.A clarification needs to be made, though, after reports
It plans to build various models in its proposed plant in Sta. Maria, Bulacan
The bicycle industry is booming. Ever since this pandemic started, more and more Filipinos have begun resorting to alternative means to get around the metro, and most of them have chosen bicycles as their mode of transport.We know there's still
From the mayor himself
Pasig City motorists who regularly drive along Julia Vargas Avenue will have some adjusting to do soon, as mayor Vico Sotto has announced changes to the thoroughfare's layout.Sotto announced via Twitter that the city government is changing the lane configuration
As more cyclists hit the road, bicycle-related incidents have increased
We need more bicycle-friendly roads-that's been the case for quite some time now already. But this fact is being highlighted yet again by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System (MMARAS) report
The perfect pedal-powered companion
Porsche wasn't done when it revealed the Taycan Cross Turismo late last month, as the German carmaker had a couple new sets of wheels built to match its just-unveiled all-electric wagon up its sleeve, too. These, though, are of
“As coaches, it is also their job to actually stay in shape”
The COVID-19 has pandemic made many of us realize the importance of staying fit and healthy. And while the resulting lockdowns may have delayed the launch of on-demand, personal-training service FlexBox back in March last year, the current situation
Yes, you’re still reading Top Gear. We like trying new things here...
Little known fact: Rimac has sold more bikes than it has cars. This is hardly surprising given that so far, its only production contribution to the automotive sphere is the Concept 1 (the C_2 is due within the next few months), of
“We saw how the pandemic has created a new momentum for biking”
PSA for the cyclists here: Robinsons Malls has put up bicycle parking and repair stations in 47 of its branches to cater to the growing number of people who travel on two wheels.Through a campaign led by actress Maja Salvador and
Maybe something like this could come in handy here in the Philippines
If you've been to Japan and you thought the roads were safer there than they were here in the Philippines, you're probably right.It's not easy to get a driver's license in Japan, after all, so there's
Too many things going on at the same time
Here's where we are so far in the implementation of the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act: By operation of the law, Republic Act No. 11229 already took effect on February 2, 2021, but the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has stressed
Tag that friend who needs riding lessons
With limitations on public transportation especially at the start of the community quarantine, more and more people have started to get into biking. Bicycles are a dependable mode of transportation, provide a great workout, and let you keep your distance on our
Good news for our fellow road users
Senate Bill No. 1518-also known as the 'Safe Pathways Act'-was filed during the first few months of the pandemic to create a safe network for pedestrians, cyclists, and users of non-motorized vehicles. Well, we have good news for our
See how the world of motoring has fared in the first few days of 2021
Have you tried something like this?
E-scooter sharing services are a familiar sight in other countries, especially around urban centers. Here in the Philippines, though? Not so much. Moovr PH, which claims to be the country's first-ever scooter sharing platform, is looking to change this.
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