A study by Nissan reveals a not-so-surprising trend
These days, it's pretty standard practice to hook up your phone to your car's infotainment system via Bluetooth. Before that, AUX ports and cables were must-have accessories. And if you've been driving long enough, you'll remember regularly
Times are a’ changin’
If you look at how far the smartphone industry has come, it's easy to say that the automotive sector has been lagging in terms of innovation. In the past few years, iPhones and Android devices have learned how to scan our
Is it time to go for GoPro?
A few weeks ago, we were able to test the Sena 20S Motorcycle Communicator. We were heartily impressed. It literally changed how we ride--from the way it seamlessly streamed high-quality audio into our helmet to the way it allowed for
No more need for unsafe hand signals
Riding a motorcycle is an inherent social experience. Merely walking into a room with your helmet tucked under your shoulder automatically elicits queries on your life as a motorcyclist from other people. That social aspect is enhanced even more the moment you
No music, no life
If you appreciate nice cars, there are few things worse than sitting inside a terrible ride in the middle of EDSA traffic. Whether it's a bare-bones China van with shoddy suspension and unrelenting scent of cheap plastic, or an ill-
In accordance with the law, that is
If there's one industry more hectic than the automotive, it's got to be tech. Remember back when wireless headsets were a 'must-have' accessory for individuals always on-the-go? With the advent of smartwatches and in-car connectivity, it
Ideal for those senior moments
Land Rover's 2017 model-year updates for the Discovery Sport appear pretty minor. There are four new colors, and a 'Graphite Pack' that makes the shiny bits on the exterior all moody and, er, gray. But then we discovered this could
In partnership with Puma
BMW and Puma have just revealed what is probably the racing suit to rule all racing suits. Seriously, this thing is reminiscent of Tony Stark's computer-assisted power armor--minus the armor, that is.The two German companies have created a
It looks period-correct
The problem with owning classic cars is that you'd like everything to look as period-correct as possible, which means installing a 2-DIN touchscreen entertainment and navigation system is out of the question. That won't be a problem for
Something to whet your appetite for the pickup truck
Pickups may be utilitarian in nature and may primarily be used in agricultural areas. Ford, however, gives the all-new Ranger an edge over competition by providing features that are undoubtedly helpful during a time when mobile communication is very important.The
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