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This one’s said to be punchier than the current M3
BMW has long since supplied safety cars to MotoGP, the premier race series in the two-wheeled world. It also dishes out free M cars to the riders who qualify best over the course of a season.So it comes as little
“By 2030, half of all the cars we sell will be full-electric”
BMW's acceleration of its electric-car program means it gave full details of the iX and the i4 on the same day. But come 2025, even those will be beginning to go obsolete.According to Frank Weber, BMW's head of
The range-topping i4 M50 is M Division’s first electric car (sort of)
After a sneaky preview back in March, BMW has finally revealed the i4 EV in all its toothy glory. We now know Brits will be able to choose between two models when it goes on sale here in November. There's the
Up to 530hp, 0-100kph in as fast as 4sec... are you excited yet?
It's here, ladies and gents. Less than 24 hours after revealing the new iX, BMW has now officially revealed the first images of the all-electric i4 Gran Coupe at its Group Annual Conference. It's been a year since we
We can’t wait to try this out
When it comes to in-car infotainment, once you've tried one system, you've pretty much tried them all. Sure, they may differ in appearance somewhat, but most of them offer the same feature set and capabilities.Us? We prefer just
It will be the M division’s first electric model
Inevitable, yes, but also really quite big news. BMW M has confirmed that it intends to present an "electrically powered performance automobile for the first time" later in 2021. Which likely means you're staring at the very pointy, electrified end of
Which one are you most looking forward to?
Cometh 2021, cometh the German Tesla-usurpers. There's Audi's RS e-tron GT, a fleet of EQ-badged Mercs, and from BMW, another beavery-faced slice of design nightmare with a massive grille it doesn't strictly need. What's
It was created together with German film score composer Hans Zimmer
The lack of an engine sound in an EV once posed problems for pedestrians in real-life situations. These days, however, it has become an opportunity for carmakers to customize their products even further in a way where they can truly inject
Should the Tesla Model 3 watch out?
Boring though it is to start every electric-car story with a mention of the Tesla Model 3, it'd be neglectful to do otherwise in this case. Because like the massive-selling Tesla, this BMW is a compact sedan with superb
Do you agree?
BMW, it appears, is wrong. It describes its upcoming i4 four-door coupe as "a perfect BMW." Which, as anyone with sentience and eyes will attest, is incorrect. The E46 M3 CSL is a perfect BMW.However, we must grudgingly concede that
526hp, to be exact
Well, color us interested. BMW reckons the drive technology in its upcoming i4 electric four-door coupe will set "new standards in terms of power density, efficiency, and range in locally emissions-free driving."And thus, ladies and gentlemen, we have confirmation
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