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Some big news on local motoring's electrification front today. If you're eagerly waiting for a worthwhile electric vehicle to pounce on in our market, you might not have to do so for much longer. BMW Philippines is bringing in the
‘Great phone software is immersive. A car interface must do the opposite’
Here we go again. I'm sitting with a car interface designer and being told that I'm too old, and that what I want isn't what customers want. This time it's a BMW engineer, and it's the new
“Hmm, what color car do I feel like driving today?”
The problem with choosing a color for your car is that you can only do it once. Got bored of the paint job? Tough: You either have to stick with it or take an expensive trip to the nearest workshop.Perhaps not
The new BMW iX M60 can hit 100kph in 3.8sec
We simply have to accept the fact that BMW M is going wilder and wilder as the years pass. After recently giving us a look at the Concept XM, BMW's performance arm is now back with another new creation: the iX
Parties aren’t exactly for everyone, you know
Actor Christoph Waltz may be one of Hollywood's biggest names, but in many ways, he's just like us regular people-at least that's the case in BMW's new Christmas film.Said film starts off with Waltz unknowingly registering
A major milestone for the German brand
Car manufacturers-at least most of them-are turning to electricity for their propulsion needs whether you like it or not. At this point seeing lineups from major brands dominated by electric vehicles is a matter of when, not if.If you
You can’t put a price on safety
Jokes regarding the massive grille up front aside, the BMW iX is a very promising electric vehicle. With 523hp and a 0-100kph time of just 4.6 seconds, it's hardly a slouch anywhere you drive it. A maximum range of
“By 2030, half of all the cars we sell will be full-electric”
BMW's acceleration of its electric-car program means it gave full details of the iX and the i4 on the same day. But come 2025, even those will be beginning to go obsolete.According to Frank Weber, BMW's head of
The third variant so far in the upcoming iX range
The BMW iX is back to bless/trouble your eyes. It's back because the folks in Bavaria have announced that an iX M60 with an "output exceeding 600hp" will join the range at some point in the near future. Good grief.
The higher of two variants at launch gets 492hp
BMW has revealed two versions of its fully-electric iX SUV that'll be available when it launches later this year. One is big and fast, and the other is just as big, but very fast.In BMW speak, the former is
We can’t wait to try this out
When it comes to in-car infotainment, once you've tried one system, you've pretty much tried them all. Sure, they may differ in appearance somewhat, but most of them offer the same feature set and capabilities.Us? We prefer just
BMW focuses on mobility rather than drivability with this one
This is what BMW is calling its technology signature car. The all-electric iX is the production version of the iNEXT concept, and starts rolling out late in 2021.It represents the most decisive move away from the old DNA of the
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