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There’s a fine line between ‘Fan’ and ‘Fanatic’
No need to fear reading their comments
So it's official: Car Porn Racing founder Ian King is now Angelina Mead King. Yep, our favorite car guy is now a car girl. He is now a she.When we first asked Ian (she told us she responds to her
Still the same awesome person we know
The person you see above is Car Porn Racing founder Ian King, an automotive enthusiast whose cars have been making us drool for years. He has officially come out as Angelina Mead King through an Instagram account that is surely now getting
Bluff your way into motoring convos
If you read Top Gear, both online and print, you can probably hold your own in a car conversation. But if you really want to impress, and sound like this all comes second nature to you, you'll want to expand your
How one guy spent his last days
If you knew your days were numbered--as in you'd die in the coming weeks--how would you spend your remaining time on earth? If you're a car enthusiast, driving the most desirable supercars on a proper racetrack for a
Let us count the amusing ways
NOTE: This piece was first published in the September 2013 edition of our magazine, in honor of our 100th issue.The passion for cars takes many forms. There are off-roaders, drag racers, circuit people, new-car guys, old-schoolers, aftermarket modifiers,
Check out his huge stockpile
The love of cars is a proven money pit. If you're not buying actual automobiles, chances are you're collecting car-related stuff. Many of us put together a lifetime's heap of die-cast scale models; some of us regularly
Get a chance to win cool stuff, too
The beautiful baby you see above is Alessandra Tirona. She's the two-month-old daughter of Caco Tirona, who, by the way, is the managing editor of C! magazine. She has a congenital heart problem and needs to undergo surgery. Problem
And one reason why you really should
1. He thinks everybody wants to race him on the highway.2. He will gladly take you to any of the newest, hottest, most glamorous restaurant in the long as his lowered, stanced, body-kitted ride can get over the
A true car enthusiast washes his ride
There are two ways to have a clean car: You can bring it to your neighborhood car wash, or you can do it yourself. If I didn't have a dozen things to do every day, I'd do the latter. It
Yes, there exists an elite group of Filipino car enthusiasts
We can all agree on this fact: Filipinos love cars. Precisely why we have countless car clubs here. Name the make and model--sometimes even the variant--and chances are there's a group that swears allegiance to it. However, we can
Just another urban legend?
We've heard quite a few outrageous stories around the motoring community, but this one probably takes the cake. The story goes that there's a filthy rich Pinoy car collector who keeps his toys--mostly exotics like Lamborghinis, Porsches, Land Rovers
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