Don't be stranded on the side of the road
Steep mountain roads can be quite strenuous on cars. With the holiday break approaching, many people will be making a trip to Baguio City. Readers have sent us photos from the most recent long weekend. In them, cars were lined up bumper-
Let’s talk about your options
A reader has sent in a letter asking us to do sort of a Big Test of portable emergency compressors. Here is the letter in full:Dear Top Gear PH,I carry emergency compressors in all my vehicles in case tire pressures
Need something cheap and easy to drive?
When I was first learning to drive just out of high school, I was fortunate enough to learn on one of the best cars of the time-a 1993 Nissan Sentra Super Saloon. A car with a powerful twin-cam engine (in
First, don’t panic
It can happen to any motorist, anytime. Hopefully, not when you're harassed and rushing to be somewhere. It's really beyond our control, but when it happens, we should be prepared. What am I talking about? A flat tire.It can
It’s under your rearview mirror
Sometimes, it's the littlest things we take for granted: The thank-yous after paying at the convenience store, leaving a tip at restaurants, kissing a loved one goodbye before heading off to work-and, for some motorists, mundane car features that
Don't take these for granted
When it comes to driving, coming to a stop is just as important-if not more so-than getting up to speed. It doesn't matter how fast your ride can go if you're going to end up splattered
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