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It’s based on a Chinese model
There might be an all-new Chevrolet Captiva headed our way soon. The compact crossover was just unveiled for the Thai market at this year's Bangkok International Motor Show. Like other manufacturers, Chevrolet has turned to the Chinese market for its
Here are several 7-seaters that fit the bill
As a general rule, a big vehicle is likely to be more expensive than a smaller one. That's just how the rules (and production costs) work in the automotive jungle. That's why you often see first-time buyers start small,
Just in time for the holidays
Planning on gifting your family with a shiny new ride this holiday season? Well, you're in luck. The Covenant Car Company--exclusive distributor of Chevrolet vehicles here in the Philippines--is offering special deals and financing plans for several of its
Want to get your dad a new car?
Father's Day is coming up later this month, and what better way to show Dad your appreciation than by buying him a new set of wheels? Of course, that's a lot easier said than done--especially when your finances come
Lessons from Chevrolet Philippines
Our dogs may shed too much hair in our car's cabin, scratch the leather seats, or have quirky in-vehicle habits, but we love them to bits. They're good buddies through thick and thin. Yes, they're pretty much like
If you can't borrow the real thing, make one
When we learned that we were not allowed to drive the Google Street View car and tell the tale of the experience to our readers, disappointment enveloped us. Gone was the dream of driving it and marveling at the technology found inside
Readers send us photos
Last week, Google Philippines officially presented to the media its Street View cars, which will be used by the tech company to gather panoramic images of different locations in the country so that when people around the globe look up a place
Check out how much
If you\'ve been planning on getting a brand-new Chevrolet vehicle, this month may be the best time to do so. From now until September 30, Chevrolet Philippines is holding its \"Go Big\" sales promo, which essentially offers huge cash discounts
Low down payment, cash discounts for Captiva, Colorado and Trailblazer
Chevrolet Philippines is making July its first \"Truck Month,\" believing that the Filipino family \"deserves to experience the heritage and world-class standards of a Chevrolet truck.\"\"We are astonished by and thankful for how fast the Filipino market has accepted and
A second face-lift already?
The Chevrolet Captiva has been around locally since 2008 but, in fact, it has been sold globally since 2006. When the time came to refresh the Captiva with a mid-cycle face-lift in 2010, we were stuck with the old-look
With a huge discount at that
Silently bringing in new models--whether all-new or face-lifted--is becoming a tradition at Chevrolet Philippines. Apparently, the cosmetically revised Captiva has already been available in our market for quite a while now. We know this now because The Covenant
Help your fellow reader by taking the poll
Good day! I'm an avid Top Gear subscriber. I am planning to buy a compact sport-utility vehicle. I'm looking at the Chevrolet Captiva diesel and wondering about its after-sales maintenance costs? I would also like a vehicle that
Will we eventually see this baby here?
Chevrolet has announced that it will introduce "an all-new small sport-utility vehicle," which will join its global portfolio and make its debut at the Paris Motor Show in September.Named as the Chevrolet Trax, the American carmaker claims it has
Learn when you should start asking dealers about it
Chevrolet Philippines recently posted its March 2012 pricelist on its Facebook page and while perusing it, we noticed the conspicuous absence of the Captiva sport-utility vehicle.We just had to prod and here's what we gathered: according to our source
What is the world coming to?
A dismissed policeman was arrested by elements of the Philippine National Police's Highway Patrol Group while selling a stolen Chevrolet Captiva for only P160,000 in Tuguegarao City.Reports identified the arrested suspect as PO1 Din Barrido Siparo, who had been
Plus: The latest buzz on the Camaro
Take advantage of the Covenant Car Company Inc.'s Chevy Savers Plans for the Chevrolet Aveo, Captiva and Cruze.Here are three ways you can get a new Chevrolet until the end of the month:1. Zero-interest. With a down payment
There's no stopping Chevrolet
After releasing teasers of the Orlando multi-purpose vehicle, the Cruze compact hatchback, and the Aveo subcompact, Chevrolet has finally revealed the fourth production vehicle the American carmaker will debut at the Paris Motor Show.Set to be released next year, the
Fortuner, Sta. Fe, Montero Sport, Captiva, Everest, X-Trail or Strada. What's your choice?<br />
Hi, Botchi!My consultant from Cardinal Santos Medical Center is asking if you could help her find an off-road vehicle (I assume a four-wheel drive sport-utility vehicle) with good resale value and safety features.She wants you to choose
What's the best choice?<br />
Hi, Botchi!My fiancée and I are looking for an SUV that would best suit is especially when we get married and have kids. My Z just wouldn't do as an everyday car. We're looking at a
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