There’s no escape
Chevrolet has revealed its first-ever pursuit-rated Silverado police unit, and it has a message for any bad guys planning to lose their tail by taking things off-road: Yeah, good luck with that.For law enforcement purposes, the company has
All good
Several days ago, Texas motorist Riley Leon found himself on the front page of the Internet after a tornado flipped his pickup truck over on its side and spun it around while he was on the way home from a job interview.
This electric truck boasts a maximum range of nearly 650km
Here comes the newest challenger to Ford F-150 Lightning: the Chevrolet Silverado EV. After months of teasing, the American carmaker has now given us our first real look at its all-electric truck.Chevy appears to have taken a similar approach
This is Chevrolet’s new flagship off-road truck
Ford and Ram better watch out, because Chevrolet has just made some hefty changes to its Silverado range. The pickup line gets new looks, new tech, and an all-new ZR2 variant that's ready to take on the likes of the
Turning radius ftw
Even midsize pickup trucks like the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger can sometimes be a chore to maneuver depending on where you're driving. That said, just imagine how much harder it would be to steer a behemoth like the Silverado around
Will more car features follow?
Last month, we reported that several major car manufacturers were making production adjustments due to the ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage, with some resorting to ditching certain features in order to cope.In the case of General Motors (GM), it had to
It’ll be up for bidding at Mecum’s upcoming Indy 2020 auction
Forget luxury cars, million-dollar SUVs, or fancy-albeit regular-limousines. If you really want to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous, you ought to do so riding around the Learmousine.It's a surprisingly road-legal Learjet-turned-limo
A spotter’s guide for the new trailer
So, you've probably seen the trailer for the new Fast and Furious movie. And you're probably excited. We were honestly on the fence until we got to Tyrese Gibson screaming "MY ASS IS EN FUEGO!" Actually, we'd love a
Based on a Chevrolet Silverado
Hennessey already builds the bonkers VelociRaptor 6x6-but what if you want six-wheel drive and don't fancy a Ford? Well, you're in luck. This is the all-new-and equally brilliantly named-Goliath 6x6.It's based on the
Based on a Chevrolet Silverado V8. Also completely road-legal
You may have noticed that we rather like giant, end-of-the-world-style machinery here at Top Gear. Anything that looks like it could fend off an army of zombies or survive a meteor strike is likely to cause a bit
It was assembled by 18 builders in 2,000 hours
Don't fret-your computer or phone screen hasn't gone all weird and pixelated. Well, probably not, anyway.Welcome, everyone, to a life-size Lego model of the Chevrolet Silverado. Built to publicize the company's partnership with Warner Bros., ahead
To be driven by two-time race winner Dale Earnhardt Jr.
American motorsport has a long history of illustrious pace cars. The handful of muscle cars that have led the Daytona 500 and Indy 500 grids are typically sold for large sums of money, after being replicated as scale models and toys for
A heavy-duty pickup designed to look like heavy machinery
This thing is massive
Ford vs. Chevrolet. It's as tribal as motoring rivalries get--especially when it comes to pickup trucks. In fact, it's a civil war.Over to Texas and the stable of Hennessey Performance to even up the stakes. Having already
Mouth-watering Trax and Colorado concepts
Motor show concept cars can usually give customers a good sense of what's to come from the brand, especially if the concepts are based on current production models. That's the approach that Chevrolet has taken at this year's SEMA
First double victory for the American brand
For the first time in its history, Chevrolet has captured both the 2014 North American Car and Truck of the Year awards, with the Corvette Stingray and the Silverado accomplishing the feat.\"Chevrolet is in the midst of the most aggressive product
Terrorizing ongoing SEMA show
Remember the Silverado full-size pickup? What you see here is the Chevrolet Silverado Cheyenne concept pickup, which the American carmaker is displaying at the ongoing Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas. The single-cab hauler is an eye
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