Looking forward to it?
Admit it: You're routinely guilty of switching tabs to watch motoring videos in between (or in the middle of) boring Zoom team meetings or dull days working from home.It's okay, we won't snitch-as long as you make
“On a track, as always for an M car, the whole package comes alive”
The last M3 is always better than the new M3-the new one has lost 'something.' The last Porsche 911 was a better driver's car, the new one is too big and has lost 'something.' Strange, isn't it, how the
For your viewing pleasure
In our line of work, review units are handed over with a little mileage on them. Vehicles that haven't been broken in, after all, are hardly proper barometers for the type of performance manufacturers would like to convey to consumers.Every
The hype appears to be real
Yes, the Toyota GR Yaris is coming to the Philippines. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) confirmed this late last month, and, naturally, many are excited.Not on board the hype train? Do you count yourself among the uninformed who brush this off associating
Money well spent
Would you spend supercar money on something that, well, isn't a supercar? If your answer is no, Chris Harris recently got behind the wheel of an old, little red rocket that might just change your mind.The £240,000 (around P16
Take your pick
Electric vehicles aren't a thing yet here in the Philippines. In other markets, though? They're really starting to catch on.That said, choosing one to drive home out of the current stable of mass-market electric cars can be tricky-
The fastest Lambo ever made
When a vehicle looks like it's giving Top Gear's Chris Harris somewhat of a handful, you just know there's something special there.What is it? Well, it's the sum of all things Lamborghini. To keep a long story
Eagle, Alfaholics, Singer, GTO, Bond’s DB5—they all contain lessons modern supercars can learn from
I have a recurring dream in which the chief engineer of the latest pointless 800hp supercar is standing there, telling me how great his new creation is. "Zero to 240kph in seven seconds, 370k top speed, Inconel headrests, blah blah." My face
And The Stig, of course
The new series of Top Gear TV is nearly here, and with it comes yet another rational dose of sensible consumer advice and real-world road tests delivered by your hosts, Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff, and Chris Harris.Which includes a titanium-
With none other than the carmaker’s GT division boss
Andreas Preuninger is the boss of Porsche's GT car division, in charge of stripping weight and applying wings (and stickers) to 911s for over two decades. No one knows more about hard-core rear-engined sports cars than him. Except maybe
The guy was brutally honest talking about Ferrari’s new hybrid supercar
It's a fact that the Ferrari SF90 Stradale is incredibly fast. It just set a lap record at the Top Gear test track, remember? Outright speed, though, isn't always what people look for in a supercar. That's why the
In which The Stig drives a tank, among other notable moments
The new series of Top Gear is nearly here, and as ever, our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to bring you the very latest in the world of sensible consumer motoring.Which of course involves sending Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff, and Chris
The duality of a car guy's life
We all have our weaknesses-Paddy McGuinness can be rendered speechless by a flump, and mine, for my sins, is a good value convertible. Almost always a car I should detest.How many of you, like me, spent the majority of the
Drifting porn
Top Gear UK has apparently spent the past couple of months combing through the Chris Harris Drives archives, so they decided to stitch all their favorite bits into one awesome video. Imagine all your dream rides drifting and sliding in one ten-
Shoddy public transport isn't helping
Can we somehow identify the individual who coined the phrase 'Smart Motorway' and administer an especially grievous Chinese burn? Talk about creating a rod for your own back by raising expectations beyond what might be delivered.If you're from the UK,
The market has been saturated
When I was a bit younger and more intense and had less perspective on life, I used to get myself into a terrible pickle about not having driven every new supercar. Twenty years ago, in the Autocar office, if someone else's
With a few exceptions
Time to clarify some thoughts on the subject of the SUV. The vehicle that will probably hasten the demise of the internal combustion engine.From 2010 to 2018, the global market share of SUVs has risen from 17% to 39%. According to
While we wait for the day we can finally hit the track again
With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic causing us all to lock ourselves up inside our homes, we gearheads have to resort to watching videos and looking for content online to quench our thirst to go out and drive again.But while we
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