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Media personnel joined as Ford celebrated with 150 kids from various GK sites
There’s a lot here, from phone mounts and chargers to tire inflators and jacks
Still thinking of what to get your friends this Christmas? If that friend of yours owns a car, then worry no more because we've put together a list of gift ideas for motorists this holiday season.We've compiled here some
ATC has its new Christmas Emporium up until January 1, 2023
Traffic's gotten pretty bad around the metro, we know. It's grown exponentially worse the closer we get to Christmas. As much as we all want to be out and about this holiday season, most of us just end up staying
Taking the train over the holidays?
MRT-3 management has finally released its operating hours for the coming holidays.For 2022, the train line will be shortening its operating hours on December 24, 25, and 31, as well as on January 1. Regular weekend operating hours will be
Heads up!
Planning to take the train on December 24 or 31? Plan accordingly, because both the LRT-1 and LRT-2 have adjusted their operating hours on those dates.The LRT-1 has announced that it will begin operations at 4:30am on
Is now the time to buy a brand-new car?
It looks like Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is going to be playing Santa Claus this Christmas season. The Japanese carmaker has announced that it is putting out special offers for the likes of the Vios, Innova, Fortuner, and a handful of other
LRMC has cooked up a treat for commuters this holiday season
This is it. We've officially entered the holiday season. We're sure you've been seeing all the Christmas decorations-not the sea of cars stuck in traffic-light up the metro at night.For commuters who take the LRT-1
Looking for a new bag?
Don't be surprised when supercar-branded accessories and apparel come with price tags that reflect the vehicles they're based on. The cost of Tumi's new McLaren collection, for example, will make your eyes water.The most affordable product in
Guess how much one of these goes for
Christmas is coming up. And you know what that means? It's time for ninong to pony up.Usually, a shiny new die-cast will suffice. If, however, ninong is feeling extra generous this year, perhaps the gift idea he's looking
In preparation for the Christmas rush this year
If there's one thing we're not excited about this holiday season, it's got to be the heavy traffic. Things have basically returned to almost normal this year, so we're expecting the Christmas rush to be back. Heck, it
As expected
Well, it's that time of year again. And considering this is the most normal the holidays have felt in the past couple of years, expect more motorists to be out and the sea of red lights to be back to its
A sad day for toy lovers
It might be a sad time for kids at heart this Christmas season.Last month, Lego announced that it was increasing the prices of some of its sets due to "the current global economic challenges of increased raw material and operating costs
Who needs presents anyway?
Time and time again, people have wondered: If Santa had to deliver gifts by car, what vehicle would he choose?An SUV or pickup makes sense on account of the cargo space they provide, but going this route is hardly an inspired
Check out the Italian carmaker’s new short film
What's the coolest Christmas gift you could think of for a young gearhead? Would a life-size remote-controlled Lamborghini Huracan do? We reckon it will, because that's what childhood dreams are made of.That's exactly what Lamborghini showcased
The short list consists of clothes, bags, and other apparel
We've already suggested a bunch of Christmas gift ideas this year. These lists included some gadgets, car accessories, and even gamer-centric stuff that you can get your loved ones (or yourself). If you still haven't found what you need
The good, the bad, and the ugly
Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Philippine transportation became more complicated in 2021. One thing that remained the same all throughout the lockdowns, though? The presence of some head-scratching situations in local motoring.Sure, there was progress. The Skyway Stage 3
Parties aren’t exactly for everyone, you know
Actor Christoph Waltz may be one of Hollywood's biggest names, but in many ways, he's just like us regular people-at least that's the case in BMW's new Christmas film.Said film starts off with Waltz unknowingly registering
In case you need some suggestions this holiday season
It's Christmas once again, so it's time to get your loved ones a gift or two to show them some love. As always, we're back with yet another list of gift ideas to help you decide. For this list,
Take your pick
An expensive gadget designed to help you achieve your goals can also give you the impetus to pursue a lofty new year's resolution -because buyer's remorse is a pretty good motivator.Kidding aside, here are eight tech gifts you can
How about helping a loved one with their setup?
If, like us, you've spent the majority of the past year and a half stuck at home, there's a good chance you've built yourself a little nook where you spend hours shielding yourself from the realities of pandemic life.
And a bunch of other models
Is a brand-new Volkswagen in the cards for you this Christmas season? If it wasn't before, it might be now-at least if you're willing to pay in cash.From now until December 31, the German car manufacturer is
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