Apparently, the 342hp turbo-V6 oil-burner can do 19km/L
Remember when diesel was the bad guy? Of course you do. It was about five minutes ago. But the VW Group, the company that sent diesel cars into a spiral of uncoolness in the first place, appears to be bringing it back
Of course the torque is amazing
Remember when the Audi S5 coupe was launched with a stonking great 4.2-liter V8? We do. And that makes today a sad day, because arriving later this year will be an S5 TDI. Boo.That's right, just a week
The 3.0-liter turbo V6 oil-burner of the new cars is good for 344hp and 699Nm
Times have changed at Audi, and not necessarily in the way you'd think. See, once upon a time, the S6 and the S7 had V8 engines. Hell, the S6 even had a naturally aspirated V10 for a bit. In these more
Is the seven-seat/diesel combo worth it?
In 2017, Honda Cars Philippines shook up the local crossover scene by bringing in the all-new CR-V. With muscular looks, a modern interior, and two new sure-fire ingredients for success in the Philippine market-the availability of a diesel
Volkswagen wants to do right again
After its big diesel emissions scandal, Volkswagen is on a mission to well and truly restore its reputation. Which is why in Germany it's announced another round of incentives for owners of old cars.Since 1992 the EU has set emissions
A steep price to pay
It looks like Audi is finally owning up to its role in 'Dieselgate.' Volkswagen's luxury-car division has finally agreed to pay a hefty fine amounting to €800 million (over P49 billion) to resolve civil claims stemming from its involvement in
How does an electric Isuzu sound to you?
Two of the biggest names in diesel have just announced a new, long-term partnership. This time, they're looking outside of traditional oil-burners, too. Isuzu and Cummins are collaborating to tackle a "once-in-a-century innovation" head-on:
Surprise, surprise
Another carmaker's diesel lineup is biting the big one. This time, it's Porsche, which has just announced that it is cleaning up its act and doing away with its oil-burning offerings."Porsche has not had a diesel
It's called the Colorado High Country Storm
Pickups. We love them pickups. And September seems to be pickup month in the Philippines. As I type this, editorial consultant Sharleen Banzon is in Australia with Nissan to sample an under-wraps Navara. The Ford Ranger Raptor will be launched, in
The story of the Hyundai Accent in the country, as told by Top Gear PH
The Hyundai Accent was first introduced in several offshore markets close to two decades ago as a replacement of the Excel. It was met with mixed reactions. The first generation, despite receiving a relatively low Euro NCAP rating, was also rated as
It draws comparisons to luxury crossovers that cost millions
I first drove the new CX-5 over a year and a half ago, at the Mine Racing Circuit in Japan, after which it was launched here in early 2017. But such was the demand for the diesel variant that this is
There are steps to follow
Hello! I had this horrible experience just this evening. My car ran out of fuel because I forgot to refill this morning. I am aware that my fuel gauge is not functioning. I need your advice, sir. Will I take my car
Ride height is crucial
Dear Top Gear,My parents-due to age and health-now have a harder time getting in and out of a vehicle. Our sedan requires more lifting (from the knees) when alighting, while our SUV requires more climbing (with the arms) when
Be familiar with your engine
If you drive a diesel vehicle, the quality of the fuel you put into your tank should be of concern to you. Aside from being maintained well, any engine must be supplied with clean, high-quality fuel, and a diesel engine is
Here's why the RZ4E makes sense
We got to chat with Isuzu Philippines' division manager for marketing and sales Joseph Bautista during the launch of the 1.9-liter RZ4E Blue Power turbodiesel engine that is now available in the MU-X SUV and soon, the D-Max
It claims 34km/L
Which Honda Civic is this?It's the new Civic diesel, not bound for the PH market, unfortunately. This is a very relevant car if you're shopping for something easy going and sensible, though, which presumably the vast majority of car
Anyone else want this?
If you held off on purchasing a pickup truck in the months leading up to the TRAIN law's implementation, then congratulations. The segment ended up being exempted from the tax increase.You resisted the urge to panic buy and-depending on
Practicality at its finest
Over the years, Isuzu has carved a longstanding reputation of utilitarian durability among motorists. The company's diesel engines are practically bulletproof.Recently, the brand launched an improved, more environment-friendly version of its hot-selling MU-X, also adding more of
Owner still wants traditional jeepneys on PH roads
After almost two years, Engr. Youssef Z. Ahmad, chairman of Le' Guider International E-Trike Electronic Assembly Philippines, and Ed Sarao, of the famed passenger jeepney manufacturer Sarao Motors, recently met for the second time to talk about business possibilities.On this
How much is a cleaner engine worth to you?
Not a discussion regarding pickup trucks goes by without mention of Isuzu's mighty workhorse, the D-Max. Practical, able, and with the potential to be very, very efficient (as the results of the 2016 Department of Energy fuel economy run will
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