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It can make smart suggestions based on your personal behavior and routine
It can even identify the rates and real-time occupancy of parking spots
Ford made some big improvements to its infotainment system when it rolled out the Ford SYNC 3. And now that the carmaker is on the verge of launching the new SYNC 4, we can probably say the same.The American carmaker has
The subcompact CUV has just been revealed in Europe
SUVs and CUVs sell, and it's no surprise that car manufacturers are focusing more on expanding their high-riding offerings. Ford is one such carmaker, and it has just added another subcompact crossover to its range.The American company has finally
Bigger and brighter navigation
Given how horrendous our traffic is nowadays, many motorists pretty much live and die by directions from Waze. It not only helps us find our way, but it also gives us the easiest routes to our destinations. Your only challenge is sometimes
We spend more than 20 days a year stuck in gridlock
Traffic effing sucks and that goes without saying. According to research done by the Boston Consulting Group, Manila drivers spend an average of 66 minutes each day stuck in traffic. And before you think that you're actually traveling long distances in
Building the industry standard
These days, our smartphone use is heavily linked to our driving. Whether you use your phone to navigate the roads or to listen to music, connectivity is a big thing for today's automotive consumers. To raise the industry standard, Ford and
Challenges people to create solutions
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. It may look like a remote-controlled toy, yet in reality it is what is known as a drone. These unmanned vehicles are piloted
You can even start your car remotely
Back in 2007, Ford changed the way we interacted with our cars. Ford SYNC was the first mass-market system that enabled drivers to perform simple in-car tasks--such as changing the radio station or making phone calls via voice commands.
Check out the new interface
Ford Motor Company recently introduced its latest multimedia and communications software, a system called SYNC 3. It's a much-improved entertainment hub, with better performance, a more conversational voice-recognition program, and a more intuitive touchscreen described as "smartphone-like."What
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