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Pray the low-fuel indicator doesn’t light up where gas is expensive
Moderation is key
There really is no sorcery behind saving fuel, as it is all science and all it takes is a good dose of common sense. As car guys, we love to give our rides a good thrashing, but seeing the fuel gauge drop
Its first station is in Bataan
If you're the kind of car owner who gasses up at only one brand of fuel station, there's a new franchise in town that might convince you to switch loyalties. Gulf Oil Philippines, in partnership with local licensee partner JBY
Will do so until July 15
Unbeknown to many motorists, Chevron Philippines--more popularly known by their fuel brand Caltex--has been donating P1 for every four liters' worth of fuel to the 33 highest-need public high schools since June 15, and will continue to do so
How's that for a bit of good news to start your day?
Oil companies slashed fuel product prices by as much as 75 centavos on Tuesday to reflect the movement of petroleum prices in the world market.Premium gasoline, diesel and kerosene from Chevron, Shell, Seaoil and Petron are now lower by 75 centavos
We can hear you groaning again
Chevron Philippines (formerly Caltex) and Seaoil raised fuel prices following price movements in the global market.Premium and unleaded gasoline from Chevron and Seaoil are now 50 centavos more expensive, while regular gasoline prices are up 75 centavos. Diesel prices are up
The answer to one\'s quest to better fuel economy
Hi, Ferman!Good Day! Thanks for your column in Top Gear Philippines and to Top Gear itself. You are educating noob car owners like me a lot.I would like to ask if it\'s ok to load up my 19-year
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