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Really, what gives?
When you say motorcycle safety gear, what's the first piece of equipment that comes to mind? A helmet, right? We thought so, too. Apparently, though, most riders in Metro Manila don't seem to think the same way as most of
Ang daming nangyayari
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) rules when it comes to its road-clearing ops are simple. If the agency's personnel spots an illegally parked vehicle, the owner has five minutes to come out and receive the ticket before the
Test rides of various bikes are also available
Any riders here looking to get new gear? Get a load of this: The Makina Moto Tiangge is happening this weekend, October 1 to 2 at Circuit Makati.What's up with that, you might ask? Well, there are deals and discounts
Dig the look?
Helmet manufacturer HJC has produced quite the eccentric designs over the past few years, including DC- and Marvel-themed shells like The Joker and Green Goblin RPHA 11 Pro models.Now, the Korean brand has partnered with Sega of America to produce
Not bad
Buying a motorcycle always entails buying the right gear. You can't ride your bike out from the dealership if you don't have a helmet, right? Well, Suzuki Philippines' (SPH) new promo has got that problem sorted out.The Japanese motorcycle
We want one for ourselves
Liveries aren't the only way for teams and drivers to kind of personalize their vehicles on the track. The helmets the latter wear present an equally enticing opportunity to get creative, too.One of the helmets Lando Norris is sporting for
And a quick guide on how to protect yourself from counterfeits
Filipinos are no strangers to counterfeits. We have all sorts of fakes or 'Class A' on full display in shopping centers across Greenhills and Divisoria. These products are cheap, and more often than not, they look a lot like the real thing
Designed by Drudi Performance exclusively for the Italian marque
Ducati has revealed another new piece to add to its new apparel collection: the Horizon V2 modular helmet.This new touring helmet was developed by Ducati and was designed by Drudi Performance exclusively for the Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer. The stylish design
So hard to choose a design
In a sea of various colors, designs, and graphics, finding the right helmet can be challenging. If you happen to be one of the many Filipino riders who grew up watching anime, then Bilmola's latest line of limited-edition lids could
Think those ‘Predator’-like helmets are cool? Think again
The number one reason motorcycle riders wear helmets is for protection. These lids are important safety gear, not mere apparel that you pick to make a fashion statement.But if you're that keen on style, there are a lot of snazzy
Thankfully, the NBA great was able to walk it off
Professional athletes, after undergoing years of physical training and honing their bodies to constantly be in peak physical form, are usually built better than the average joe. Retired or not, most of these dudes are used to taking a beating.That said,
Well within budget without compromising safety
Lots of riders prefer open-faced helmets for their ease of use, unbeatable ventilation, and typically affordable price tags. While this kind of helmet is definitely not as protective as a full-face lid, a decent, properly-rated one is more than
Because it’s rainy season once again
The rainy season is now upon us, and riders will know just how much of a hassle riding in the wet can be. Aside from low traction on wet roads, high winds, and getting soaked to the bone, another pressing concern is
Make sure you don’t waste your hard-earned money
Now that going out to shopping establishments isn't as safe as it used to be, more and more people are turning to stores and sellers based on Facebook, Shopee, Lazada, and other online platforms to purchase the items they need. And
Certified for use by cyclists and skaters
If you've ever looked into helmet intercom/communicator systems, then you're likely to have heard of Sena, known for its multifunction communicator units that fit almost any motorcycle helmet you can buy.Sena also manufactures helmets with communicator systems built
More of this, please
Riders, please don't scrimp when it comes to buying helmets. Remember, there are situations where it can spell the difference between quickly getting back up on your feet and a trip to the emergency room.Two elderly riders were taught a
Their creation is called ‘Abante’
Caloocan City has long been known as the motorcycle capital of the country for its wealth of establishments selling riding accessories and gear. Riders travel to the city-and in particular to 10th Avenue-to find good deals on motorcycling equipment.There'
With COVID-19, who knows?
The look's a bit odd, we'll give you that. But frankly, this dude looks about as COVID-19-proof as you can get short of stepping outside wearing a full hazmat suit.So, what is it? Well, if the images
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