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Hot damn
Honda didn't reveal everything about the all-new Civic Type R when it pulled the wraps off the hot hatch in July. Yes, we got a proper look at the thing in its entirety-but the official specs remained a mystery.
Which generation is your favorite?
The 2023 Honda Civic Type R is arguably the most desirable hot hatch in the industry. And you know what? You could make the same argument with the last one, too. And the last one. And...Come to think of it, was
Any fans of carbon fiber here?
Chances are you've already seen the 2023 Honda Civic Type R in full following its reveal last month. Hell, you can already play around with the hot hatch's looks via the brand's configurator if you want.What you might
It’s a toy for kids and adults alike
Excited about the recent launch of the all-new Honda Civic Type R? Can't wait to see it in the metal? Thoroughly enjoy fantasizing about a car that might not ever land in your garage? Well, fret not, dear readers-Honda
This Civic Type R x Astron timepiece is a limited-edition model in Japan
Say hello to what might be one of the biggest drops this year: The Civic Type R x Astron, a collab between Honda and Seiko. So, will we be calling this... a hot watch? No? Okay, then.This timepiece is based on
Upgrades all around
With all the teasers and leaks that have preceded this, you could say that little has been left to the imagination regarding the latest iteration of the Honda Civic Type R. Maybe this is the case-but it doesn't make finally
Is it a clear-cut choice?
Honda has finally announced that the wraps will come off the all-new Civic Type R on 21 July. A little longer to wait, then, even though we've seen the new hot hatch plenty of times in camouflage and know it
It’s still a teaser, but we now get to see the car without the wrap
There's been a lot of talk surrounding the next-generation Honda Civic Type R, and for good reason. Aside from the fact that Honda has been teasing the all-new hot hatch wrapped in camo, it's already out there setting
Here are five reasons why
Honda says the bodyshell of the standard new Civic e:HEV hatchback is 22% stiffer than the outgoing car. A stiffer bodyshell isn't just stronger in the event of a crash: it's also a better platform to bolt your suspension
The hot hatch lapped the track in 2min23.120sec
The FK8 Honda Civic Type R arrived in 2017 and promptly swept all before it, most notably becoming the fastest ever front-wheel drive car to lap the Nurburgring as well as several other major circuits.So the new one-seen here
It’s a complicated car
When the Honda Civic Type R was launched in our market a few years ago, the response was positive, swift, and unrelenting. Inevitably, motoring journalists (genuine and imagined) immediately inundated Honda Cars Philippines with requests to test it. Meanwhile, the general public
Well, here’s a listing worth your attention
Formula 1 drivers operate some of the most technologically advanced things on four wheels-a task for which many of them are paid very handsomely. These two things considered, you'd figure they'd be behind the wheel of something considerably more
Set to be fully revealed in 2022
Those images here may not be beautifully lit, they may not have stunning backgrounds, and there may only be two of them, but they've got us very excited indeed. That's because under the rather fetching red camouflage is the all-
The updated hot hatch has just been launched in our market
Just less than a month after the official arrival of the Toyota GR Yaris, there's already a new hot hatch in town. Sort of.We're talking about the refreshed Honda Civic Type R, folks. Honda Cars Philippines (HCPI) has now
Thank God
Surprise, surprise. The next-generation Honda Civic Type R will still come equipped with a manual transmission.The news was shared by Honda USA media relations manager Carl Pulley during a recent livestream by In the clip, Pulley reveals during
Which performance car will reign supreme?
One Toyota GR Yaris, one GR Supra, one Honda Civic Type R, and one empty stretch of asphalt. Well, this should be fun?Top Gear recently had the pleasure of having all three performance cars to themselves on a makeshift drag strip
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