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Space vs. servicing
Hello Botchi,I would like to ask for your opinion on getting our first vehicle since you are one of the experts in this field. We are a family of six and we are considering getting a new ride that we will
Looking good
The Hyundai Accent started life in the '90s as a replacement for the dated Excel econobox. After over two decades in existence, it has gone through four generations, each iteration adding more substance to the once humble economy car. As its fresher
Well, in fact, it is already here
Those who have been keeping an eye on Hyundai in our market should know that the Korean brand has gone from strength to strength the past few years. The last two years, in fact, saw Hyundai Asia Resources launch one bestseller after
Updates from the distributor
Because everyone's going wild in guessing the specs of the incoming Hyundai Accent, Hyundai Asia Resources (HARI) has decided to give us more information about its latest car.As you already know, HARI is launching two gasoline-fed variants of the
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    TGP Rating:
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