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Nissan’s best-selling vehicle in Japan receives accolades
Last year, it was Subaru who took home the Japan Car of the Year (JCOTY) title with the new Levorg. Now, it's Nissan's turn to receive the award for the all-new Note.The Note is Nissan's best-selling
It beat the all-new Honda Jazz by a considerable margin
The results are out, and it's official: the Subaru Levorg is this year's Japan Car of the Year (JCOTY). Subaru's new-look wagon, which was revealed just recently, edged out by a significant margin two popular nameplates from fellow
It edges out no less than the Mazda 3 and the BMW 3-Series
After back-to-back Japan Car of the Year (JCOTY) victories from Mazda (2015 and 2016) and Volvo (2017 and 2018) in the last four years, we now see a changing of the guard as the Toyota RAV4 wins the coveted title
It beat the all-new Toyota Corolla
The results of this year's Japan Car of the Year (JCOTY) voting are in, and-once again-Volvo finds itself a cut above the rest of the competition.Volvo's XC40 has been named the 2018 JCOTY after narrowly edging out
It beat the BMW 5-Series and Toyota Camry
Each year, we report the results of the Japan Car of the Year (COTY) for good reason. Most of our cars originated from Japan, its automotive market and car culture is huge, and impressing the tech-savvy Japanese people is no small
Mazda MX-5 is Car of the Year
A popular car back in the '60s, the two-seat, open-top roadster came back to the fray in the form of the Mazda MX-5, aka the Miata. The formula was simple: a lightweight, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports car
Mazda's 5th award overall
Production of the all-new Mazda 2 only began in July at the carmaker's Hofu plant in Japan, but apparently, the short time it has been on sale is enough for the subcompact hatchback to be recognized by the Japan Car
1st time for non-Japanese car to win award
Last Thursday, November 21, a Japanese friend of mine from Honda Motor Company told me: \"The Japan Car of the Year will be announced on Saturday.\"\"Which car do you think will win?\" I asked her.\"The Volkswagen Golf will win,\" she
Beats Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ
If you think the Toyota 86 and its twin Subaru BRZ are the best cars of 2012, Japanese automotive journalists believe you're wrong. The motoring writers from the Land of the Rising Sun think the Mazda CX-5 is the best
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