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This is how Lamborghini does a 'basic' crossover
A small Italian manufacturer has revealed the latest iteration of its best-selling, most practical car. By which we mean, Lamborghini has revealed a really fast, really powerful SUV. This is the Lamborghini Urus S: the successor to a car that's
What makes or breaks a supercar's mass appeal? There's the performance, of course, and then you have the design-we reckon these two qualities both hover around the top of the list of boxes to tick, yes?The Audi R8
This is the new and improved Lamborghini Urus Performante, and the first thing to note is that it has already broken the record for the fastest SUV to complete the famous Pikes Peak hill climb.It's almost a shame that Pikes
Lamborghini has set a new Pikes Peak record for production SUVs, taking a camouflaged "yet-to-be-revealed new Urus model" up the famous Colorado mountain in 10m 32.064s. Rapid.That time-set by hill climbing champion and Pirelli test driver
We hope these kids don’t take it personally
Imagine that you're waiting inside a parking garage to get a selfie with, say Marlon Stockinger, and Lewis Hamilton ends up walking into the scene instead. You'd probably freak out, right? Okay, now imagine what it would feel like if
Another milestone for the brand’s super SUV
Lamborghini marked the production of its 10,000th Urus back in July 2020. Now, less than two years later, Lambo's Sant'Agata Bolognese plant just rolled out the 20,000th unit.The milestone unit bound for Azerbaijan features a Viola Mithras
Good job
Trying to keep a test mule, especially one as eye-catching as a Lamborghini, inconspicuous on public roads is no easy task.Obviously, the main challenge is driving a low-riding exotic covered in camouflage on the down-low. Lamborghini didn't
The Aventador SVJ, the Urus, and—get this—the Estoque are available
Automobiles play huge roles in the hit video game PUBG Mobile. Whether it's a two-, three-, or four-wheeler you're driving, being able to secure a ride is always a huge in-game bonus.As fun and powerful vehicles can
Nearly half a decade of existence for this super SUV
It's been four years since Lamborghini first released the Urus. A lot has happened since, including the Italian marque breaching the production milestone 15,000th unit of its first-and currently only-super SUV earlier this year.In total, Lamborghini has
The Italian carmaker just produced unit number 15,000
Here's some mathematics for you today. How many mid-engine V12-powered Lamborghini supercars do you suppose have been made?Historically, this question starts easily. Only 764 examples of the stunning Miura were produced. Versions of its successor-the outrageous Countach-
That’s one fluffy Lambo
Not a fan of Kanye West's beige-wrapped Lambo? Get a load of this: Kim Kardashian's new fur-coated Urus. We know the two are finalizing their divorce as of this writing, but we really wouldn't mind seeing those
Clarkson takes the (practical) Lambo
Jordan Clarkson is the very definition of an NBA success story.Drafted in the second round by the Washington Wizards before being immediately sent to the Los Angeles Lakers for cash, the 28-year-old Filipino-American worked his way toward becoming
It looks like it can take on more than just a bit of snow
The Arctic is one of the most inhospitable places on the face of this planet. It isn't just the cold that makes this area borderline unlivable-its lifeless geography and large expanses of tundra mean it's incredibly isolated, too.That
Is this a matchup you want to see?
Boxing great Manny Pacquiao can be a polarizing figure, but while you can say what you want about how he's handled himself outside the ring, there's no denying he's at least tried to keep his profile subtle relative to
In case super SUV buyers need more customization options
Lamborghini just released the new Urus Graphite Capsule design package, and along with it comes several new color options for the Italian carmaker's super SUV. As a matter of fact, the entire design package allows for more than 16 new combinations.
The history behind the mythical carmaker
It's an old story, but a good one.In the late '50s, tractor magnate Ferruccio Lamborghini is disgruntled with the unreliability of his Ferrari. Disassembling the engine and the transmission-he's a mechanic by trade-he discovers his Ferrari's
Sports cars don’t have a monopoly on racing
Lasting just two seasons between 1979 and 1980, Procar was a splendid idea to boost interest in the ailing BMW M1 supercar. The boss of BMW Motorsport pitched a support series for the Formula 1 championship, where F1's elite drivers (and
That’s a pretty big achievement for the Italian brand’s biggest vehicle
The idea of a supercar in SUV form just doesn't sit well with a lot of people, and that's why Lamborghini raised a lot of eyebrows when it first revealed the Urus a few years ago. Since then, however, the
Pretty obvious if you ask us
Your eyes don't deceive you. There is something wrong with this 'Lamborghini Urus.' From up front, it might take a second look to confirm, but take a look at this thing's side profile and it's extremely obvious.This Urus
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