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“We’ve got a regular Audi school bus that could tackle the Nürburgring”
The man has interesting taste in cars
Usually, we don't really care what celebrities do to their cars. It's none of our business, after all. But today is different, for actual real-life human being and possible future President of the United States Kanye West (ahem) has
With a claimed top speed of 306kph
Yesterday, the Lamborghini Urus was the world's fastest SUV. The big V8 Lambo's good for a top speed of 305kph, you see.Well, today, the Urus been knocked off its perch. Sacked. Second-best. This is the orange block of
Manhart has made one that makes exactly that much power
If you thought the Lamborghini Urus couldn't get any shoutier, my oh my, were you wrong. Take a look at this one. It's been modified by German tuner Manhart to produce 801hp and 979Nm of torque-a whole 160hp and
The one-make series will kick off in 2020
Lamborghini makes a really fast SUV called the Urus. Lamborghini also runs a one-make racing championship with the Huracán. Clearly, Lamborghini occasionally likes to deliberately cross its memos.Because after the one-off Squadra Corse SC18 Aventador comes this Urus
Based on 0-100kph times
0-100kph in 4.2secThe most impressive thing about BMW's X M cars isn't their power, speed, or looks-it's that, more than any other car, they unite other motorists in unparalleled, possibly unjustified, displeasure. Quick, though.0-100kph
A grand launch befitting a record-breaking SUV
The Lamborghini Urus is claimed to be the fastest production SUV in the world right now, so the Philippine launch had to be as epic as the Urus itself. PGA Lamborghini Manila delivered in spades, as you will see from the photos.
They say it’s the fastest SUV in the world
Rejoice, luxury-SUV fans-the Lamborghini Urus has been unveiled in the Philippines during an exclusive event at Okada Manila. Top Gear PH was invited, and we were eager to see the model that Lamborghini claims is currently the fastest SUV on
The Urus can haul ass, but can it haul?
Lamborghini's people were reluctant to have us towing an open trailer. They thought it'd make the Huracan look like it was broken down. Plus, the masses involved are stomach-churning: We've got 1.6 tons of fuelled-up Huracan
Another 'inspired' Chinese clone
There was a time when it was easy to poke fun at the Chinese car industry, seeing rather too many of its models as blatant copies of designs familiar in Europe. The Range Rover Evoque-aping Land Wind X7 is a classic
But does it live up to expectations?
What is it?One of the world's fastest SUVs. The Lamborghini Urus is what happens when the maker of the planet's most outlandish supercars turns its hand to a large five-door family car with proper ground clearance and off-
The company plans to make more SUVs
The Lamborghini Urus is big, fast and selling very, very well apparently-at least if the Italian supercar manufacturer's big boss is to be believed.In an interview with CNBC, Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali shared that the company's new $200,
Talk about lavish
Thinking about buying a Lamborghini Urus? Better start saving a bit more than the £165,000 (P11 million) starting price. Not just so you can go wild with the options list, but so you can ensure you're dressed correctly.Yep, the
This rendering looks promising
Whether good or bad, we doubt your opinion on the Lamborghini Urus has simmered down yet. On the one hand, it's the fastest SUV in the world, with supercar performance and off-road ability all allied to a properly family friendly
Move over, Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
The Urus is Lamborghini's long-awaited re-entrance into the SUV market. It's also the perfect representation of its 55-year journey from seller of mad things with an allergy to ergonomics, to an ultra-modern supercar manufacturer with the
CEO expects output to double by 2018
Luxury carmakers aren't about large volume sales. Lamborghini is happy rolling out an average of just 3,500 units per year. And with price tags for its models hitting exorbitant values, it's only logical that the company can only close
Set to be launched sometime in 2018
These are ever-changing times. Pardon the cliché, but we can't think of a more appropriate way to describe the automobile landscape at this particular moment. There is so much going on, and right now the biggest change is Italian supercar
Company\'s first sport-utility in over 20 years
In limbo since its introduction at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, the Lamborghini Urus is finally going into production, according to the Italian carmaker\'s chief executive officer, Stephan Winkelmann.According to, Winkelmann made the revelation when asked about the
Chief executive admits SUVS spell profit
Lamborghini hopes its Urus SUV, which it debuted in concept form at the Beijing auto show last April, will do for the company what the Cayenne did for Porsche, and that's to double the brand's total global sales.According to
Nothing like the LM002
Those old enough to remember will recall that Italian sports carmaker Lamborghini used to have a very utilitarian-looking SUV called the LM002 back in the '80s (picture a stylish Hummer H1). But the last two decades has seen the company resisting
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