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Thankfully, only three will be built
Since it was launched in 2017, the Ford GT has mostly escaped the attention of companies like Mansory. But alas, its good luck has run out. Now the notorious tuner has finally somehow got its hands on one of Ford's tremendous
Where’s the marble-effect carbon fiber? And the gigantic rear wing?
Wait, what? Since when was Mansory in the business of subtly modifying cars? This is the 812 Superfast Softkit-and there's no marble-effect carbon fiber or even a giant rear wing in sight.There's still plenty of 'standard' carbon,
That interior, though
The boys at Mansory have been keeping busy, it seems. The German luxury car modifier has taken to social media to share its latest full-vehicle conversion based on the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.Rolls-Royce's beefy full-size SUV is, in
Fit for all your villainous needs
Notice anything different about this Mansory-tuned G-Class? On the face of it, this G63 is no different from the company's other creations, with its bulbous bull bar, tarty interior, 800hp power upgrade, and questionable bodykit. But look closely and
‘Subtle’ is not in their vocabulary
Motor shows aren't just a forum for the major manufacturers to unveil brand-new cars, they also provide a space for tuning companies to rock up and stand out from the crowd with their craziest ideas and interpretations.And over the
Made by the dude Ferrari threatened with a lawsuit
Does the name Philipp Plein ring a bell? We're not surprised if your answer is no. The dude is a fashion designer and has very little to do with the world of cars-until Ferrari threatened him with a lawsuit in
That’s a lot of carbon fiber
After a few years of relative subtlety, Mansory is back freebasing carbon. But the infamous atelier of questionable tuning has gone all in this year. Mainly because there's some prime, fresh meat to get its hands on and lather in the
Which one's your favorite?
You may not have heard, but a motor show happened in Geneva this week. It was handily called the Geneva International Motor Show, and it was full of absolutely mad cars.Sizeable leaps in tech meant we saw some properly nutjob machinery.
Care of famous tuner Mansory
The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe is already a special car in itself. While people usually associate the S-Class with a luxury-sedan configuration, this two-door version offers the same comfort and class minus the rear doors. It is for
Now as quick as Pagani Huayra
Aftermarket tuner Mansory has worked on a Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, improving the vehicle's aerodynamics and engine output to make it as quick as the Pagani Huayra.Up front, Mansory added a spoiler and LED daytime running lights, and changed the
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