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We got the answer we were expecting
When Hyundai launched the new Casper in 2021, it was an absolute hit among our readers. You guys just went nuts over this one. It was a mini SUV-slash-hatchback-slash-crossover with a small footprint, a small engine, and a
Is our market next?
Last year, we reported that India had refreshed the Suzuki S-Presso mini SUV and equipped it with a new 1.0-liter gasoline engine and additional features. Now, it appears these upgrades are trickling down to Southeast Asia, too.The 2023
Yep, that’s really the name
A few months back, Baojun previewed what was said to be a mini electric crossover. At the time, the Chinese automaker didn't share much details about it, be it specs, dimensions, or range. But if you've always been curious about
What could this be?
The Toyota Raize's biggest draw is its size. SUV-ish styling combined with a city-friendly form factor and decent ride height? Consumers treated the package like a match made in heaven. But what if the Raize grew slightly bigger?We
We mean that in a good way
The Suzuki Jimmy is a vehicle that's nearly impossible to hate. We have a feeling, though, that what tuning outfit ESB has done over in Japan may not appeal to everyone's taste.This is a slammed Suzuki Jimmy. And yes,
Think it has a shot?
The Toyota Raize may have finally met its match-at least if the Honda WR-V is able to live up to expectations.Honda's right-sized runabout-which carries an energetic design and looks perfect for in-city driving-has finally
We’d pull the trigger if we could
Move over, Toyota Land Cruiser. Our auction fanatics appear to have found a new favorite-at least for now.This section's new flavor of the month? It's the Mitsubishi Pajero. A handful of desirable units have surfaced on the online
Looking forward to seeing the all-new seven-seater in our market?
We're willing to bet there's another new Honda that's on its way to our market: the all-new BR-V.Bold assumptions, no? Well, the next-generation subcompact SUV was just launched in Thailand-and as many of you
Especially for seniors
Is Japan a great country to be a motorist in? Oh yes. It has clean, organized, and safe roads that make it one of the best. That said, it isn't perfect.One issue Japanese motoring authorities are trying to address is
We compare it to the Suzuki Celerio
While the Casper isn't part of the initial lineup of Hyundai Motor Philippines, we still hope to see the pint-sized crossover at some point. This stylish mini SUV is the perfect alternative to the typical A-segment hatchback.Today, we'
Spot the difference
Earlier, we reported that the new Suzuki Ertiga had been launched in the Indian market sporting some aesthetic tweaks inside and out. Well, its more rugged sibling, the 2022 XL6 (known as the XL7 within our borders) has surfaced as well. The
In case you need to move cargo instead of passengers
Small cars and tons of cargo aren't usually a recipe for success. Sure, once in a while you might find yourself forced to pack a subcompact car to the brim just to make do. But it isn't an ideal solution.
*In India, anyway
Remember the Hyundai Casper? You guys fell in love with the thing on account of its quirky design and fashionable interior. Let's face it, though: The main draw there was its ridiculously affordable 13,850,000 Korean won (P590,000) starting
Is a brand-new Suzuki Jimny still a goal you're working towards this year? Well, tough luck, because Suzuki Philippines has kicked off 2022 by jacking up the mini SUV's starting price.If you visit the Japanese car manufacturer's
Suzuki might want to take notes
Earlier this month, we reported that a handful of students from the Nihon Automobile College vocational school in Japan were hard at work building a five-door Suzuki Jimmy for the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon (TAS). At the time, though, images of
Let’s do this a bit differently this time
It looks like Toyota Motor Philippines will be starting 2022 with something small, a new subcompact in fact. As we reported earlier, the carmaker will be launching its much-anticipated Raize in the local market. It will compete in the lower subcompact-
Would you buy a version like this?
The Suzuki Jimny is one hell of a car-so much so that we made it our Car of the Year for 2019. Its main draw is how it manages to squeeze in incredible off-road capability into such a tiny package.
Have you considered this brand?
There's a confusing number of Chinese car brands, both inside and outside the country, but that hasn't stopped some manufacturers from trying to make things more confusing by creating more brands. Though in the case of Changan, creating the Kaicene
In this case, size doesn’t matter
When someone mentions overlanding, the first cars that usually come to mind are gargantuan trucks or SUVs. These mansions on wheels are nice and all, but their capability can also be limited by their sheer size and weight. That, and we think
Small cars are a Honda forte, so this is looking promising
We know there are still people out there (us included) who are excited about the all-new Civic's local arrival later this month, but let's be honest: Sedans have been increasingly displaced by crossovers-especially pint-sized entry-level crossovers-
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