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Yes, that is a monster truck carrying his remains
Yep, these are ‘Grave Digger’ and ‘Max-D’ from ‘Monster Jam’
Lego Technic is releasing some new cool sets to start off the new year. Meet 'Grave Digger' and 'Max-D'-two monster trucks from the popular racing series Monster Jam. We're sure these sets will have a lot of kids excited
*Once we’re past social distancing, that is
UK-based readers, here's a stat for you: Apparently there are only nine monster trucks residing here at this current point in time. Four of those trucks are known as 'ride trucks'-which feature extra seats in their truck beds so
It’ll feature classic cars, monster trucks, lowriders, drag cars—you name it
Have you run out of shows to binge on while stuck in quarantine? If you have (like many of us here), then here's something that might be of interest to you: Mike Brewer's World of Cars.The show is set
We miss Monster Jam
If in doubt, throttle out. It's an old adage used in Car World that quite often ends in disaster. Sometimes-just sometimes-it's the recipe that's needed to break new ground.Just ask Lee O'Donnell, the madman who
Totally worth your minute-and-a-half
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. This year's Monster Jam Manila was big, loud and absolutely epic--pretty much everything we had expected of the event. For a brief
21 photos of high-flying trucks
This year's Monster Jam might be over, but it's going to be a little while longer before our hearing adrenaline levels return to normal. Our team was in attendance this past weekend for the country's biggest and loudest (literally)
On June 18-19
On Father's Day weekend, eight humongous trucks will entertain the Philippine crowd at the Mall of Asia Arena for Monster Jam. Last year's event had six of these 1,500hp trucks competing and performing exhibitions. This year, spectators will be
Grave Digger and Max-D are back!
Yes, you heard that right--Monster Jam is back. Crowd favorites Grave Digger and Max-D are returning to Manila this year, together with Alien Invasion, Dragon, Pirate's Curse, Monster Mutt Dalmatian, Scooby-Doo and Team Hot Wheels Firestorm, for a
Not your ordinary tire-making plant
Philippine Airlines, Dole Philippines and Manila North Harbour Port...what do these three seemingly dissimilar companies and their respective services have in common? Three words: off-highway tires. These are the massive tires used by earth-movers and the like. They are
For making dads look super to their kids
I want to thank Monster Jam for being a part of Father's Day weekend. In fact, I want to thank them for helping make me a god in my son's eyes the past few weeks. As all parents will know,
Video of Monster Jam event in PH
There are some things that don't need to be explained. If you have to ask what's the point of 1,500hp trucks weighing roughly five tons going over ramps and doing jumps, you're clearly thinking too much.Watching monster
It finally happened
At the recently concluded Monster Jam event, we finally witnessed what monster trucks are all about. Most of us on the team were able to attend, and none of us left the Mall of Asia Arena without a beaming smile.Yes, it
Event organizer addresses concern
The much-awaited Monster Jam event is finally happening this weekend--on June 20-21 at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, to be exact. While there is electric buzz surrounding the event, there are also some questions about the
Watch them this weekend
Are you watching the Monster Jam spectacle happening this weekend (June 20-21) at the Mall of Asia Arena? Yes? Before you come face-to-face with the trucks, allow us to briefly introduce you to these colossal vehicles and their drivers.
Check out the details here
It's officially official: Monster Jam is coming to Manila, as we previously announced. Six somersaulting big-wheeled trucks will be arriving in Manila in June. And the ticket price range? P850 to P6,000. The pit pass, on the other hand,
Ticket sales to start next week
Originally scheduled to take place in 2013, the Monster Jam monster truck festival is finally coming to the Philippines.The announcement came via a Facebook post of Vivre Fort Entertainment, a local event production company. This means Vivre Fort officially took over
We dug around the dirt to find out
As we reported in April, the Monster Jam monster truck tour was supposed to have taken place last weekend. Unfortunately, the planned event dates--August 30 to September 1--came and went without any news if the Philippine tour was either postponed
Reclaims the record it previously held for 11 years
Legendary monster truck brand Bigfoot has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest jump by a monster truck with a distance of 214 feet and eight inches with former record-holder Dan Runte behind the wheel.For 11 years, Runte
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