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As well as a few tips on what to do in case it gets discharged
Oils for all types of bikes
Motorcycle owners looking for new engine oil to use for their bikes now have more options, as Castrol Philippines has just launched its Power1 Ultimate range of fully synthetic products.Castrol claims this line is its best two-wheeler oil to date,
Read this if you don’t want to spend extra on the retesting fee
Are you aware that a number of private motor vehicle inspection centers (PMVICs) have begun operating in various parts of the country? Under the new Motor Vehicle Inspection System, these PMVICs will replace private emission testing centers (PETCs) in assessing the roadworthiness
For your peace of mind
Motorcycle riding safety does not depend on the rider's skills alone. The motorcycle, too, has a big role to play. We've heard about many accidents caused by engine failure, faulty brake systems, steering problems, and so on. Many lives have
It’s actually a pretty simple procedure
Changing the engine oil in a motorcycle may seem a bit complicated at first, but it's actually a pretty simple process. It's one of the easiest, in fact, and only requires basic tools and know-how to execute.And as
A basic guide for those who want to start on DIY maintenance
A 'tune-up' is one of the most common terms that come up when talking about motorcycle maintenance-or just vehicle maintenance in general, for that matter. But for the purposes of this article, we're going to focus on motorcycle tune-
Do you think it’ll be helpful?
Chains are far from being the most troublesome parts in a motorcycle, and more often than not, they're easy to replace or repair in the event of breakage. But as with any other component, chains also require regular maintenance.As a
We reckon the rest of the industry will follow suit
Lately, more of our friends from the local motorcycle industry are finding themselves doing things that they never imagined doing before. Thanks to the accessibility of social media, executives from marketing, production, and other departments are now regularly hosting online shows to
Remember: There’s no such thing as love at first sight
Early this year, our writer Carlo Chungunco came up with a well-written article on useful tips when searching for used car and motorbikes online. He stressed the importance of checking the deed of sale, the LTO registration papers, and the history
It’s about time customers in far-flung areas get the VIP treatment
Eight hundred kilometers. That's the round-trip distance between Tuguegarao in Cagayan and San Fernando in Pampanga.We highlight this because BMW motorcycle owners up north travel that far just to have their stallions undergo regular preventive maintenance service or repairs
Take note of these maintenance tips
Riders out there, it's not time to let your guard down just yet. As of the last update, local volcanologists have warned that a hazardous explosive eruption of Taal Volcano is imminent, so be extra cautious and avoid going out altogether,
Know yourself, know your bike, know your ride
Imagine spending a long vacation ride with friends. You plan so far ahead and have everything already set up on your journey when the worst possible scenario happens: Your bike stops running in the middle of the trip. In the event of
No need to travel 300km to Manila for Yamaha motorbikes
Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH) sure knows how to start the year big. Just recently, it launched its 2019 sales offensive by establishing more dealerships outside of Metro Manila, particularly in Bicolandia, where another new Yamaha Revzone showroom has opened its doors to
Ignoring these will cost you
You're grateful that lady luck was on your side.You must be feeling so relieved after enduring gutter-deep floods on your way home from the office, and all you want to do is rest. Soaked after riding through a heavy
Improper cleaning might do more harm than good
We all want our motorcycles to look good and last a long time. Although many motorbikes now are becoming affordable, these two-wheelers still require proper maintenance and grooming to preserve them.But washing and cleaning a motorcycle requires some caution as
We're no damsels in distress
We're seeing more fellow lady motorcycle riders on the streets. Whether they're riding for passion or out of necessity, it is important that we don't just balance the bike and ride. We should also learn how
Are you guilty of any of these?
Riding a motorcycle is one of the most rewarding and fun means of getting around our congested streets. Whether as a hobby or out of necessity, the increasing number of bikes on our roads also means that there are more and more
Don’t be impulsive when choosing
Okay, you succumb to love at first sight. You are mesmerized, awed and magnetized by your dream motorbike, which you purchased in cash and is now waiting for a ride home. You promise to stick to it, for better or for worse.
Riders, let’s all make this a habit
A rider can always just hop on his bike and zoom off. But for a safe and hassle-free ride, he should habitually conduct proper check-up of his motorcycle before taking off. When I took the Basic Safety Riding Course offered
It's more work than you think
The motorcycle has become quite popular these days. From congested city streets to wide open highways, nothing screams freedom more than cruising on any two-wheeler.Just like any vehicle, these bikes need a good washing or detailing from time to time.
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