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The automotive industry’s woes continue
Both the COVID-19 pandemic and the global chip shortage are now taking their toll on the automotive industry. Carmakers have been suspending production as a result, and some have confirmed massive production cuts this year.Nissan is one of those that
The EV was driven in public for the first time around the Circuit de Monaco
Nissan's all-electric crossover, the Ariya, is arguably one of the most futuristic vehicles we've seen from the Japanese carmaker. While the Leaf has been around for a decade already, the Ariya feels like a step into a new EV
These strategies include what the carmaker has learned from the Leaf
Nissan unveiled its first electric car, the Leaf, in 2010. It has taken a decade to get to its second distinct global model, the new Ariya. Why the delay?Top Gear goads Nissan's CEO, Makoto Uchido, by suggesting to him the
Are you digging the brand’s new crossover?
Remember the Nissan Ariya Concept from the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show? Well, this is its production version, and frankly, it's easily one of the prettiest crossovers, let alone EVs, we've ever seen.Last year's concept was a looker, and,
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