We sit down to talk with Nissan executives to hear their plans for EVs in the country
Since the Nissan Leaf was first introduced several years ago, it has become the top-selling electric vehicle (EV) in the world-over 400,000 units have been sold globally across 51 different markets, bagging a total of 111 awards. The Philippine
And does it hold its own against newer competitors?
No, it's an extra Leaf-a top-end version called the Leaf e+. It has a 62kWh battery, and a 385km WLTP range. The existing-and continuing-Leafs have 40kWh capacity and 270km range. The e+ also has a more powerful
The carmaker is looking for ways to use the batteries that outlive the vehicles
Normal car batteries normally last for two to three years. The batteries on electric vehicles (EVs), on the other hand, are different-they last much longer. Just ask Nissan.While some of us here are wondering when our car's batteries will
A brief but educational drive
When I saw the itinerary for the Nissan Futures event in Hong Kong, I noticed that several hours were blocked off for the Leaf test drive. Based on past experience with these events, I thought we'd only go around the block
It was inevitable
When we attended the launch of the all-new Nissan Leaf in Japan back in 2017, at the back of our minds we wondered why we were flown all the way there to witness the introduction of a model that wasn't
A bigger battery gives the EV more range and speed
The Nissan Leaf might be Europe's bestselling EV, but it's not the only one. There's the sportier VW e-Golf, for example. And then there's the Hyundai Kona Electric, which can travel much farther on a single
Keep it up
Over 380,000 units-this is the number of zero-emission electric vehicles Nissan has put on the road since it first started mass-producing EVs. That's a lot of cars, and the Japanese carmaker is showing no signs of stopping.
Introduced at the 2018 Nismo Festival
Nissan promises us the new Leaf Nismo RC shares a few parts with the ordinary, road-going Leaf. The lithium-ion battery and power inverters, for example, it says are exactly the same components it uses in the standard car. But we
Our future depends on this
Sometimes I feel like I live in two countries, both named Philippines. My first citizenship is to a progressive nation. It's a country where our English skills, both spoken and written, are the best in the region. A place where we
Marek Kaminski covered 16,000km in three months
As motoring hacks, we'd say we rack up a fair bit of mileage every year-but this man is on an entirely different level. Marek Kaminski is a polar explorer, and on his latest adventure, he drove 16,000km in just
A glimpse at how First World countries do it
Ain't. Gonna. Happen. Trust us. Nissan has made 300,000 Leafs, and some are now in their eighth year. The number globally that have had battery failure is... three. Degradation too is a vastly overstated problem. A few Leaf taxis in
Especially if you drive a sedan
A lot of hype surrounding the Ford 'Raptor' badge has been attached to the Ranger lately. That's all well and good. After all, the Ranger is the only one in the family making its way to our shores anytime soon. We'
A good thing or a bad thing?
While a handful of concept vehicles unveiled at motor shows never make it to production, many of them come back to auto exhibitions ready to take on the market. Case in point: the Lexus LC500. Launched in the Philippine market in 2017,
We need a game plan
Those of you who who've already dropped by this year's Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit at the SMX Convention Center will undoubtedly have been drawn to the Nissan Leaf proudly on display at the Japanese carmaker's booth.While it's
We'll wait for the regular model
Back in February, we asked Nissan executives if there was any chance that the Leaf--the company's main EV offering and the world's best-selling electric car--would be sold here on Philippine soil. Their answer? Yes--eventually.So not
It's in the pipeline
During a quick trip to Singapore with Nissan Philippines, we got to to see the company's plans for the future when it comes to mobility and electrification. The coolest part was getting to hear from the top executives themselves about what'
Company also announces Formula E plans
It didn't take long for the all-new Nissan Leaf to get Nismo-ed. Launched just last month, the Japanese carmaker's flagship EV is packed with intelligent features like ProPilot autonomous driving tech; ProPilot park, which does the parking job
A special function of electric vehicles
The all-new Nissan Leaf has been revealed. The basic stats are that it has more power than before and can drive itself to a degree.But delve into its abilities further and you'll discover that it has bi-directional charging.
50 million over the past 10 years
Nissan has now surpassed 150 million vehicles in global production. The Japanese carmaker announced the landmark achievement earlier this week, taking the opportunity to thank its shareholders, employees, and loyal customers for their continued support.According to the company, the milestone vehicle
All-new generation launched in Japan
The world is changing. While we still have ancient jeepneys and rundown taxis doing their best to taint our lungs, the rest of the civilized world is moving away from fossil fuels, with some European countries outright banning non-hybrid cars in
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