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What can happen?
Hello, Top Gear Philippines. Thank you for being heaven-sent to guys new to the car world like me! Your articles are both informative and practical. Thank you so much. However, I do have questions.1. Does frequent changing of fuel octane
Memorize these
When you pull up to a gas station, you're faced with a myriad of gasoline choices, each one labeled with a different octane rating. These digits can seem like hieroglyphics to newbie car owners. It doesn't help that each gasoline
An age-old question
When it comes to the subject of fuel octane rating, many go by what their automotive mentor-either dear old kuya manong driver or tito na marunong sa kotse-tells them without really knowing or questioning why. It's one of the
Here are a few fixes
Dear Ferman, I live in Pakistan where we are always deprived of technical assistance and technology. Usually we don't get to see cars with newer engines or the latest tech, but recently Honda has launched a popular variant of the new
Take note of this the next time you fuel up
Before you ask the fuel-station attendant for the most premium gasoline with the highest octane rating for your city car, heed this: When loading up, the higher the octane rating does not always mean the fuel is better for your ride.
Our tech guru has the answers to your questions
Hi, Top Gear. I just picked up my Ford EcoSport. I asked my sales agent what kind of gasoline I could fill up with, and she said unleaded fuel. So I loaded P1,000 worth of 91-octane unleaded gas. When I
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