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There’s a whole load of quilted leather...even on the floor
Including an official, branded roof tent
The very last Land Rover Defender rolled off the production line in Solihull in January 2016. Not to make you feel old or anything, but that was almost eight years ago. A horrifying thought. And yet, Land Rover hasn't given up
To be held at SM Mall of Asia
Many of us have fond memories as children of Hot Wheels or die-cast scale model toys. We imagined races with them, banged them together, and just collected them in our bedrooms. But have you ever wondered how toy cars are designed
A moment of silence for the EcoDiesel engine
Attention Americans-have you come around to the benefits of a torquey diesel engine in a big off-roader? And are you a fan of the Jeep Gladiator pickup? Well, it's time to act fast, because Jeep is killing off its
The third member of the current LC fam
It's not only the Land Cruiser '250 Series'-basically the all-new Prado-that was launched by Toyota today. The Japanese carmaker also unveiled the refreshed 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series, which will one again be sold in Japan alongside
Before sending in a Ranger Raptor in 2025
Ford-undoubtedly as part of its new plan to sell you more trucks and SUVs-has chosen to take on the Dakar Rally in 2024, and it's sending a 'badass' version of its Ranger pickup to compete in the Rally Raid
Does this have a shot?
Munro Vehicles has revealed its first off-road electric vehicle, the MK_1, bringing automotive manufacturing back to Scotland for the first time in over four decades.The MK_1 is a five-seat, all-electric utility vehicle designed for off-road performance. Munro&#
It was a lifetime ago, 60 years to be exact, when 33 men in 14 Land Rover Defender Series IIA vehicles went on an epic overland journey traversing Eastern, Central, and Northern Luzon. Remember that this was six decades ago, and those
Land Rover claims the third row can fit three adults
This is the new Land Rover Defender 130, the longest and, um, seat-iest new Defender yet revealed. In short, it's a Defender that's been stretched to house eight adult humans in one chassis.Eight seats. Two up front, three
It’s called the 900 Crawler
And you thought Brabus' mainstream modified Mercs were crazy creations. This is the all-new Brabus 900 Crawler. Built to celebrate the Bottrop-based tuner's 45th birthday, it's a non-road-legal desert racer made with a high-strength tubular
Does it succeed?
The Range Rover is one of those vanishingly rare cars that defies the industry's traditional product cycle. The current model arrived in 2012, and even in these unpredictable times, it's still hitting the spot with its high-end client base.
A visual representation of its abilities
Rolls-Royce prides itself on the historic exploits of its archive in traversing any terrain, and rightly so. But those cars, engineered to withstand much trauma, wore such talents lightly. Visually, at least.Enter the Germans. Bavarian tuning outfit delta4x4 has decided
The lineup has Wranglers, Gladiators, and even a hybrid Grand Cherokee
Last year Jeep showed off the Magneto in Moab. It was essentially a Wrangler that had been retrofitted with an electric powertrain, and now there's a version 2.0.It follows the same theme as the original concept, but this year
What a birthday present
You might call this a 2.5-ton, 577hp V8-powered anniversary present. You might also call it the Mercedes-AMG G63 Edition 55, largely because that's exactly what it is.Yup, who's feeling old now? It's the year
It will be available in Urban or Explorer trim
This is the Overland-E Gen2, a car that its makers describe as "a ground-up designed, electric all-terrain vehicle."Looks like it could be a fun little way to get around, doesn't it? Overland-E has some form with
It was inevitable
Apocalypse Manufacturing. Quite the name for a car company, isn't it?But then, the Florida-based firm doesn't exactly build your common or garden crossovers. Take its latest product as an example - this is the Dark Horse, a six-wheeled,
What do you think of the design?
Is this the beginning of the end for a storied off-road brand, or the dawn of an exciting new era? Stellantis head honcho Carlos Tavares has revealed plans for the first fully-electric Jeep, which is set to go on sale
Since you’ll be far from home, and probably far from civilization
A bit of a luxury, but if you're on your own, a decent winch will allow for self-recovery.Ropes and anchors are the recovery basics; without them, you can't connect to anything.A decent Hi-Lift jack is useful
Keeping you on track when you’re off the beaten path
A feature common on most off-road-capable machinery these days, descent control does precisely what it says on the tin: You engage it on a downslope, and the ABS, traction and stability control systems manage speed and traction. Some even let
Bet you didn’t see that coming
In today's episode of things you didn't expect to read in 2022, Ford has built a one-off, Pope-themed Ford Bronco. Because of course it has.The Wimbledon White creation you see above pays homage to the specially modified
Looks like fun
Manufacturer press shots for new cars generally follow a very prescribed theme. Clean car, clean studio, and enough angles to show off every new nut and bolt that has spent years in development. Not with the new Ford Bronco Raptor, though.Ford
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