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These provide easier access for most pedestrians and are wheelchair-friendly
There's still a long way to go before we can really call Metro Manila walkable. Concerned government agencies really have their work cut out for them. At the very least, though, some progressive cities are taking matters into their own hands
Does the mayor have a point?
Pasig City mayor Vico Sotto's known to be active on social media, responding to netizens' queries every now and then. Earlier this week, he slammed someone complaining about the ongoing roadworks on Sandoval Avenue. Now, he called out a certain Filipino
Think this will be a game-changer?
Remember the Walkable and Bikeable Communities Act? Also known as Senate Bill no. 1290, the new piece of legislation is meant to make the local setting safer for pedestrians and individuals who turn to alternative mobility for transport. Well, it's now
The MMDA logged a total of 2,397 bicycle-related road crashes in 2021
In a recent story, we pointed out how sideswipes and rear-enders were the most common types of vehicular accidents in Metro Manila in 2021. Well, it appears the same can be said about bicycle accidents last year.In the latest Metro
There’s a huge play area for kids to go along with all the greenery
A few months back, we saw a new green space open up in Pasig City courtesy of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) 'Adopt-A-Park' project. Now, something similar has popped up in Muntinlupa City.The MMDA and the City
No PWD-related accidents due to these tactile pavements have been recorded yet
Ever seen a sidewalk marked with colored bumps that seemingly stretch the length of the walkway? Those tactile surfaces are there to help persons with disabilities (PWDs), such as blind pedestrians, navigate the city.There were a number of these installed around
The design also prioritized public spaces for pedestrians
The clamor to improve our current mass transport system as well as make Metro Manila's streets more commuter-friendly is louder than ever. Significant change could be on its way, though, if the government would prioritize certain legislation aimed at the
The LGU, in collaboration with the MMDA, has opened the new Buting Linear Park
Open spaces keep opening up in Pasig City. After launching a series of People's Streets, the local government unit has now inaugurated the new Buting Linear Park, near San Joaquin River Ferry Station.This initiative was part of the Metropolitan Manila
The post went viral recently
Pedestrians really have it pretty bad here in Metro Manila. And we're not just saying this because a foreign diplomat called out the ridiculous Mount Kamuning footbridge-before that happened, a video of a tourist in Metro Manila went viral when
A more serious take on the PH’s treatment of pedestrians
We all laughed when images of that ridiculous sky-high pedestrian overpass in Quezon City first surfaced a few years ago. But deep inside? We all knew it was a symptom of a very serious problem.That problem is that pedestrians aren'
The local government unit has just launched the Valenzuela City Food Fiesta
We recently shared photos of the newly pedestrianized Fatima Avenue. It looked great as it was, but it looks even livelier now that the local government unit has opened the Valenzuela City Food Fiesta.The LGU shared snaps of the busy street
Common sense, guys
Does anyone else around here feel like finding street parking in public is getting more difficult with every passing day? We sure do. Regardless of the situation, though, there's one mortal parking sin we wouldn't ever even think of committing:
This is the way
Last year, Valenzuela City announced that it would begin the pedestrianization of Fatima Avenue in an attempt to "reconnect its people to the vitality of their surroundings." Well, the project now appears to be nearing its completion, and it looks great.Photos
Something for the weekend
Remember last year when Pasig City first designated Emerald Avenue as a car-free zone on Sundays? Just over six months later, the local government has established more People's Streets-thoroughfares that are closed off to vehicular traffic on Sundays, and
Has anyone here ever tried cycling or jogging in the dark? Here in Metro Manila, it can be a pretty nerve-wracking ordeal-not because of the fear you'll run into a white lady or some other ghostly specter, but because
Keep ’em coming
Pasig City really takes the idea of 'inclusive mobility' quite seriously. It has reopened an entire intersection for pedestrians, implemented weekly car-free zones, and renovated beat-up walkways over the past year alone.Now, the local government unit has made yet
The dilapidated structure now boasts a clean and vibrant (and functional) look
We understand that there's still a long way to go before we can call Metro Manila a walkable and bikeable city. But at the very least, we've seen various cities and districts in the capital take steps to improve the
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