Keep ’em coming
Pasig City really takes the idea of 'inclusive mobility' quite seriously. It has reopened an entire intersection for pedestrians, implemented weekly car-free zones, and renovated beat-up walkways over the past year alone.Now, the local government unit has made yet
The dilapidated structure now boasts a clean and vibrant (and functional) look
We understand that there's still a long way to go before we can call Metro Manila a walkable and bikeable city. But at the very least, we've seen various cities and districts in the capital take steps to improve the
Let’s see if the government will see this through
Remember the proposed elevated walkway and bicycle lane on EDSA? The idea was first floated around in 2019, and it was given the go signal by the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) in 2020.Little has been heard of regarding the project
Frankly, this should be a thing everywhere
Fancy 3D-printed steering wheels and body panels? That's nice. Over in Amsterdam, entire pieces of infrastructure are now being manufactured using the technology.The city recently unveiled a brand-new "smart 3D-printed" pedestrian bridge called the MX3D Bridge that
People are allowed to hang out and exercise in the area
To Pasigueños looking for a new place to exercise or simply hang out with family and friends on Sundays, check this out: The Pasig City government is now implementing Open Street Sundays along Emerald Avenue in Ortigas.Through this program, the
Is there a cleaner one in the country?
It turns out that making pedestrians' lives more convenient around these parts can be done.Those of you who regularly pass Ayala Triangle and Salcedo in Makati City will be pleased to know that moving between the two areas will now be
Over there, holes on the sidewalk are actually covered
Here's something that will drive home how far behind we are when it comes to pedestrian infrastructure: While people walking on two feet around these parts are constantly dodging electrical poles and fissures, some countries are just trying to find ways
What do you think?
If you happened to pass by the stretch of Shaw Boulevard between Barangay Kapitolyo and Capitol Commons recently, you might have noticed a slight change in the area.The Pasig City government has ditched the concrete barrier along that part of Shaw
There’ll be extra 1.5m lanes on both sides of the expressway
There were some discussions on social media about how some of the government's infrastructure projects aren't very pedestrian-friendly in light of the BGC-Ortigas Bridge opening. While there may be some truth in that, at least there are also
Good move
That Baguio City has seen better days is a common sentiment from many people who've visited the nation's summer capital the past couple of years. The main culprit? Based purely on the eye test, you could count rapid urbanization and
Time to get some cardio in
It looks like using the newly opened BGC-Ortigas Bridge isn't going to be as straightforward as advertised-at least if you're a pedestrian.Images showing steps being built for pedestrians to climb up onto the new piece of infrastructure
A lot more
If you've lived or worked in Metro Manila, you know that it's far from being pedestrian-friendly. Just look at EDSA where you have to walk sideways to fit on sidewalks, hold your breath at bus stops because of the
Could something like this work here?
These days, finding your way when you're lost during a commute is as simple as whipping out your smartphone, tapping an app, and reading directions. Simple enough. Thing is, it's a little more complicated when you're visually impaired.To
“Unti unti, it’s a long journey”
If you own a car, walking to wherever you need to get to is probably treated as a last resort-and we don't blame you. Choosing between a comfortable, air-conditioned automobile and risking life and limb traversing Metro Manila's
Too many things going on at the same time
Here's where we are so far in the implementation of the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act: By operation of the law, Republic Act No. 11229 already took effect on February 2, 2021, but the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has stressed
Good news for our fellow road users
Senate Bill No. 1518-also known as the 'Safe Pathways Act'-was filed during the first few months of the pandemic to create a safe network for pedestrians, cyclists, and users of non-motorized vehicles. Well, we have good news for our
It’s time to make EDSA more pedestrian-friendly
The Asian Development Bank has approved a $123 million (P5.91 billion) loan for the construction of safe and disaster-resilient elevated walkways on EDSA to make Metro Manila's main highway pedestrian-friendly.The EDSA Greenways Project consists of 5km of
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