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“The way that the slicks and the aero conspire is literally”
We have no words
Do you get gooey over modern-day homages to old racing cars? Do you enjoy dressing up in a weaponized suit and beating criminals to a pulp with your bare hands? Would you like something that combines both of these endeavors?Behold.
These retro liveries celebrate Porsche’s motorsports legacy
We have good news if you're one of the lucky 77 people who have their name down for the new, second-generation 935. Porsche has just announced that you can slather the £750k (Around P50.4 million) track-only uber 911
The ultimate tribute to the original long-tail race car.
The Porsche 935 was essentially the race version of the then new 911 Turbo aka Type 930. One of the most iconic versions of the race car was the 935/78; this was the sleek slant-nose long-tail model which earned
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