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When practicality and performance collide
Long gone is the impression that a sporty vehicle is limited to only two doors and a ground-hugging stance. Some SUVs have since cemented their status as a fun ride, with models like the Porsche Macan leading the charge thanks to
Clever, or pointless?
Porsche sold 88,362 Macans last year. That's more than twice as many 911s Porsche shifted in 2021, even though the Macan is ancient. It's still the best-selling Porsche and thus, there's space for another one.Meet the
The entry-level variant can do 0-100kph in 6.2sec and tops out at 232kph
This is NOT, we repeat NOT, the all-new Macan EV due in 2023. Porsche's grand plan calls for its forthcoming electric SUV-codename E-Macan-to co-exist with the current car for a little while at least. In Porsche
Coming in 2023
Porsche will launch its all-new all-electric Macan in 2023. Prototypes have begun testing on public roads. Before launch, they'll do two million miles. Michael Steiner, Porsche's engineering director, has been telling about the car.Of the
It rarely makes a mistake
Porsche is quite an irritating company if: a) you write reviews of cars on the Internet; or, b) you comment on reviews of cars on the Internet. See, Porsche is a company that rarely makes a misstep. Its cars are consistently fantastic
The GTS variant doesn’t lag far behind the Macan Turbo in terms of performance
Been trying to buy a Porsche Macan, but found it either too fast or too slow? Good news! The middle ground is here. In most areas of the Porsche range, 'GTS' is the badge we recommend, and so it may be the
The twin-turbo V6 loses 700cc in displacement, but gains over 30hp in output
This is the new Porsche Macan Turbo and here are the headlines: a new full-width light bar at the back. Only joking. There's a bit more to it than just LED silliness. Porsche has actually found a replacement for displacement:
It’s a ‘very complete machine’
This is the grandchild of the original Cayenne, which famously transformed Porsche's fortunes when it elbowed into showrooms in 2002.It's taken some people many of the years since to get used to the idea of a Porsche SUV, but
Positive spin: It turns out a lot of SUVs are funding the next GT3
Porsche has been making an SUV for almost two decades now. The German carmaker's lineup currently has two SUVs, as well as a sedan and a wagon (well, a pair of posh hatchbacks that pretend to be a sedan and a
Look at the back
It's the new Porsche Macan! And just like most Porsche reveals, you'd be forgiven for thinking it might still be the old Porsche Macan. At least at the front.Around the back, though, it gives us a decent hint of
Potent without anything in excess
The Macan has been on the local market for a little over three years now. When I first sampled the entry-level variant, I wondered how well it'll do in relation to the more potent S Diesel and Turbo. It has,
With the Performance Package upgrade
Porsche will always find a way to squeeze a little more power from its sports cars. After pumping out more from the 911 range with the Performance Package, other models in the lineup would no doubt get a power upgrade of their
Do you dig this machine?
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.A driver-centric compact SUV? Yes, please.We got the chance to drive this premium offering from Porsche and concluded that the Cayenne junior
It's the Performance Pack-equipped version
A regular Porsche 911 Carrera is an excellent barometer of sports-car performance. You know where you stand with a 911. The current 3.0-liter turbocharged model does 0-100kph in 4.6 seconds, which means that it wouldn't stand
Highest-ranked brand for 3rd straight year
When it comes to luxury cars, manufacturers strive to deliver only the best in terms of quality and design. Standard and excellence are two words that they hope go hand in hand with each vehicle that passes through their assembly lines, and
What are these cars?
PGA Cars, the exclusive Philippine distributor of Audi and Porsche, recently held the "PGA Driving Experience," a track day at Clark International Speedway.Clients and select members of the motoring media were able to sample the new Audi A3 sedan and the
Available in S and Turbo variants
PGA Cars, the official distributor of Porsche vehicles in the country, has launched the Porsche Macan. The compact SUV adds enthusiasm to the segment. The Macan goes head to head with the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3.The new Porsche SUV
The German automaker\'s best year yet
Porsche\'s Philippine distributor isn\'t transparent with its sales data, but at least the German carmaker\'s main office is. According to the company, the year 2013 was a banner year for Porsche because, for the first time in the brand\'
German carmaker\'s worst-kept secret is out
Porsche's worst-kept secret has finally been revealed, as the German carmaker displays its Macan compact SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show.Named after the Indonesian word for tiger, the Macan is recognizable as a Porsche since many of its
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