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For starters, don’t open the radiator cap immediately
A simple DIY task
A vehicle's cooling system is essential in keeping an internal combustion engine in operating temperature. When the engine gets too hot, the system cools it down; when it's starting from cold, the system is designed to get it up to
When the budget is tight, there's an affordable solution
Most modern radiators consist of an aluminum radiator core, flanked or topped by plastic coolant tanks on either side, or on the top and bottom. The main role of the radiator is to cool the engine. Coolant passes through the engine block
This vital engine component must always be in good shape
I began to notice a pink coolant residue that was beginning to form around the top of the radiator of my car. It eventually got worse. I'm glad I have a spare radiator handy. It's time to install it.It'
Both, actually
Hi Top Gear!Is distilled water better than anti-freeze coolant for your radiator? I have been a grease monkey myself, but this really bugs me a lot lately because some say that anti-freeze coolant eats out your radiator wall when
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