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SLEX, Skyway Extension, NAIAX—you name it
The uber-long weekend's finally over, and it's back to reality once again. For many of us, it means we're back to dealing with grueling Metro Manila traffic.Actually, we didn't have to wait long for that. From
Two separate accounts must be maintained for now, though
Out of all the RFID-related complaints that we hear from motorists regularly, there's one that we've been seeing a lot of: Autosweep and Easytrip interconnectivity. These systems have been in place for such a long time, surely being able
Whether you’re headed northbound or southbound
After waiving the toll fees of thousands upon thousands of motorists after that massive Autosweep RFID fiasco, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is looking to improve its services even further before the holidays begin.SMC Tollways has announced the start of its 'Seamless
About 84.000 vehicles used SLEX, Skyway, and STAR Tollway from 6am to 2pm today
The South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), Skyway, and even the STAR Tollway were the talks of the town this morning, and for all the wrong reasons. Due to what was supposedly an Autosweep RFID system failure, the southern tollways were marred by insanely
Lane closures on NAIAX are apparently causing heavy traffic along Skyway
Heavy traffic along Skyway is a common sight on, say, a Friday evening. That's just the usual weekend for you. On a Tuesday afternoon? Well. that's not something you see every week.That's what's happening along the elevated
Here’s something that could help a lot of confused motorists
It's been a while since the government and tollway operators first pushed expressway users to make the switch to RFIDs. But judging by the long queues we still see at toll plazas, it appears there's still a lot of reluctance
Ready to see trucks and buses again along the elevated tollway?
A 60kph limit will be enforced, and modified vehicles will not be allowed entry
Right before this pandemic started, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) made the entire Skyway system a 'Class 1-only' tollway. Now, after two long years, the company is opening the elevated road network to Class 2 vehicles once again.Starting April 1, 2022,
It still gets very congested in the south
There's a unique feeling of dread when you travel south, and you see a loooong line of cars slowly entering Metro Manila on the other side of the road. The feeling grows with each kilometer of gridlock that you see, as
Merry motoring, guys
It looks like the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) is in a giving mood this holiday season.The company has announced that it is waiving toll fees for expressways under its management from 10pm on December 24 until 6am on December 25, and
The on-ramp has been temporarily reopened
You may have already heard the news that the southbound portion of the Skyway Extension Project is finally open to the public. Well, it seems that isn't the only change Skyway motorists should take note of this week.According to the
The southbound segment leading to Susana Heights is finally open
Good news for motorists from the south: The southbound portion of the Skyway Extension Project is now open to the public. We know many of you have been waiting around for this.The segment was officially opened on Friday, December 10. This
The first day of toll collection was riddled with heavy traffic
The first day of toll-fee collection along Skyway Stage 3 wasn't as smooth as San Miguel Corporation (SMC) would have wanted. Birthing pains were apparent, as there was significant traffic buildup in several toll plazas along the elevated expressway.Since
No trucks will be allowed entry, and no cash lanes will be open
We already know that on July 12, 2021, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) will start collecting toll fees along Skyway Stage 3. Now, though, SMC has announced that starting that date, the elevated tollway will be officially a no-truck zone as well.
The good news is that the fees will be lower, particularly for shorter routes
It's official, guys: San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has announced that it will begin collecting toll fees along Skyway Stage 3 on July 12, 2021.But it's not all sad news for us. SMC has confirmed that with the approval of
“So, nakabuti ba tayo?”
Infrastructure isn't just about cars. It isn't just about solving traffic and loosening Metro Manila's clogged roadways. If you ask San Miguel Corporation (SMC) boss Ramon S. Ang, the bigger picture in the country's ongoing infrastructure push is
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