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We never know when we’ll need these, but we’re sure they’ll come in handy
It travels from Cubao to Naga
Naga City in Camarines Sur-not the location of Mt. Mayon, contrary to Mocha Uson's belief-is known as the Heart of Bicol because of its location at the center of Bicol Peninsula. Travel time by land can take about 10
"Are we there yet?"
Come on, admit it. We've all dozed off in the back seat before on a long road trip. It's okay. In fact, we're actually going to share with you five tips on how to maximize your in-car slumber.
More reason to get ample rest
You (should) already know that driving under the influence is a danger not only to yourself, but also to the pedestrians and other motorists around you. It's a simple enough thing to avoid. However, another dangerous practice that people do all-
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