A solid premium midrange offering
The premium midrange segment is full of phones that cost and do much more than your typical smartphone but which aren't quite the status symbols that high-end Apple and Samsung products are. Yet thanks to their price positioning, they can
Still a neat feature to have, though
So, the iPhone 14 dropped last month. If you're lucky enough to afford one (or have managed to find a taker for one of your kidneys), you might already have one tucked inside your pocket. Be sure, however, to leave it
Would you buy the device for this?
With a base price of P56,990 and a top-end model with all the bells and whistles costing as much as P109,990, the iPhone 14 is by no means affordable. That said, the device has at least one feature that,
Break out those credit cards
All right, so Apple has finally dropped its iPhone 14 lineup. Naturally, the devices feature a handful of upgrades over their predecessors-but we all know that's not the first thing that popped into most buyers' minds when the news broke
Would you use this feature?
Okay, we know that paying for fuel is probably the last thing many of you want to hear about right now-but trust us, this is worth it.According to a recent report by Reuters, motorists will soon be able to pay
The application of this feature remains limited, though
Yes, we know that losing your driver's license is incredibly unlikely considering it just sits inside your wallet all day. Anyone who's ever lost it, however, will tell you that dealing with the ordeal can be a serious pain in
Last week, Samsung finally unveiled its newest flagship smartphone line, the Galaxy S22 series. Since the release of the S21-the first model in the S line to be compatible with the brand's fan-favorite S Pen-industry experts and tech
This could be a game changer
Driving through world-famous race tracks or Instagram-worthy mountain roads using a simulator is nice and all, but there's nothing quite like being behind the wheel on a route you're already familiar with in real life. Can you imagine
Because some gadgets need airflow as well
One thing many cars and gaming rigs have in common? Airflow and keeping things cool are vital to making the most out of your setup. This applies to everything from desktop PCs and consoles like the PlayStation 5 to supercars.If you
When do you think tech like this will reach us?
Our motoring future is a digital one. We aren't just referring to autonomous vehicles or advanced in-car connectivity features, either. Even our driver's licenses will one day ditch plastic and ink in favor of a touchscreen display.Starting 2022,
It’s called myToyota Wallet
Think virtual showrooms and online concierges are the big leap in digitization the local auto industry has been waiting for? That's cute. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is taking its tech one step further by allowing customers to pay for its services
If staying connected during rides is important to you
Just because something's retro doesn't mean it can't come with a few modern conveniences here and there. Just take a look at the new Vespa Sprint S with a TFT dash-you get the unmistakable old-school vibe of
The tech could become an interface that controls almost the entire car
Apple's smartphone connectivity tech has come a long way since its launch, with CarPlay now offering more features and services than ever. But it looks like Apple wants its tech to be more than just a basic interface for music and
The new company Xingji Shidai plans to enter the premium segment of the industry
We've seen smartphone giants enter into the automotive industry in the past. Apple is reportedly in talks to develop its own car. Huawei, meanwhile, already has an EV under its name. What we haven't seen much of yet are carmakers
Pro and Pro Max models now get 120Hz displays
It's that time of the year again when Apple takes center stage in the tech world. As expected, taking the spotlight in this year's showcase is the all-new iPhone 13.The latest version of Apple's flagship smartphone takes
Those of you who use performance motorcycles on the regular might want to be careful about what kind of smartphone you take with you during rides: Apple has warned that high-power motorcycle engines can "degrade" the camera systems of some of
Do you use this?
Playing around with your car's sound system or choosing tracks should be a relatively straightforward process-unless, of course, your ride is equipped with an infotainment interface that's about as intuitive as a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle.Can you relate?
From unicorn tails to bulletproof vests
Smartphones and gadgets? Sure, people leave these inside ride-hailing vehicles and taxis all the time. The same goes for wallets, sunglasses, earphones, and other easy-to-misplace personal belongings.Sometimes, there are total head-scratchers, though. You wouldn't imagine someone
BMW is getting the feature first
Google has some good news for Android users who have a penchant for misplacing their car keys: The tech giant is now working on enabling its phones to unlock certain vehicles.The Silicon Valley tech giant shared the news today during its
We only hope all of this makes it to the PH
Waze is nice, but that app caters mostly to car owners and other motorists. If you're looking for a more inclusive smartphone navigation experience, Google Maps is probably a better bet as it caters to users of alternative modes of mobility.
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