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Would you take this over the other locally available Suzuki hatchbacks?
Suzuki Philippines already has both the Celerio and the S-Presso in its stable. But now that the carmaker has launched the all-new Alto K10 in India, we can't help but wonder if this should replace one of the two
Does size really matter?
Size matters in the Philippine auto market. You needn't look any further than our passion for pickup trucks and midsize SUVs for proof. This presents a problem in urban areas, though, where roads aren't exactly built to cater to their
No, we’re not referring to the R34 GT-R Skyline...
It wasn't enough to just complete the task-it had to be finished with all golds. Partly for your own OCD and partly because it'd reward you with a better car at the end.Ivan Pavlov wasn't on the
Would you pick this ninth-generation model over the new Celerio?
It's one small Suzuki hatchback after the other. Following the launch of the all-new Celerio in India last month, the Japanese carmaker has now unveiled the ninth-generation Alto in its home market. This was confirmed in a report by
The brand just turned a century old
Looms. Suzuki started out manufacturing looms. Just like many other carmakers, the Japanese brand first made a name for itself producing something other than, well, cars.The Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Company was founded by Michio Suzuki on March 15, 1920-meaning, yes,
Launched in Pakistan
The all-new Suzuki Alto has been launched in Pakistan...sort of.We say this because while the vehicle was indeed launched in the South Asian Islamic Republic, it's not the first market that's seeing it. In fact, this particular
And these are mostly good vehicles
Buying a brand-new car is no easy task. Forking over the down payment and committing to a monthly installment for a few years is a big step, and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Luckily, getting a car is actually
Our smallest comparo yet
Considering our country's horrendous traffic situation and the obvious lack of proper parking spaces, it only makes for people to begin considering smaller rides before making a purchase. Sure, tiny city hatchbacks may not provide much wow, but they get the
Is it better-looking to you?
Suzuki has launched the all-new Alto, the eighth-generation model of the city car that the Japanese carmaker first introduced in 1979.Developed using an all-new platform, the new Alto is reportedly 60kg lighter than its predecessor. Equipped with a
Power for the people
Suzuki Philippines has rolled out the Suzuki Alto K10, another version of one of its most popular and fastest-selling vehicles.Powering the updated Alto is a more powerful 1.0-liter K10B engine, which replaces the 0.8-liter F8D engine
Even smaller than the i10!
Hyundai is getting ready to launch the Eon, the Korean carmaker's smallest car ever. The 0.8-liter city car will debut in India this October.Developed at Hyundai's research and development headquarters in Korea and India in the past
Could this be true?
During the launch of the all-new Suzuki Swift on July 2, company president Satoshi Uchida mentioned that 2011 is a big year for Suzuki Philippines as it will also bring in the all-new Alto and the A-Star.The problem
Let make it easy for you to decide<br />
Top Gear Philippines' August issue is all about helping you purchase a car so here's a list of the best deals in town this month.Nissan Seemingly taking a page off of a fastfood store's marketing handbook,
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