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Managerial courses could be offered soon
Fourteen new graduates have successfully finished their national competency certification programs at the Isuzu-TESDA Auto Mechanic Training Center in the city of Tacloban, with many of them already securing service technician positions at Isuzu dealerships throughout the country. TESDA, of course,
Check out what they did in Tacloban
To be fair to all car clubs in the country, we're sure that most (if not all) of them have done something to help in the recovery of the places destroyed by super typhoon Yolanda--particularly Tacloban City. But we just
Heart-rending images of the once-bustling city
TACLOBAN CITY--Taxi driver Chicoy showed up two minutes late, all apologetic but eager to work. I\'d found him the day before near the ports, waiting for passengers but not having much luck until I knocked on his window and asked
Massive destruction of showrooms and gas stations
A Top Gear Philippines reader sent us a bunch of photos from his quick trip to Tacloban this weekend to check on the extent of destruction left behind by super typhoon Yolanda.\"Just got home from Tacloban, and I took these photos
Through month of November
One positive that comes out of a calamity in this country is that everyone pools together resources to help the victims. The same is true even in the automotive industry. A good example is Land Rover Philippines executive director Marc Soong, who
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