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Ready to hit the road soon
BJ Mercantile, the official dealer of Scania trucks in the Philippines, is getting ready for the launch of its showroom in February by completing the assembly of the first Scania truck in the Philippines, a Scania G360 tractor head. By "assembly," we
And takes potshot at Chinese brands
BJ Mercantile, the official distributor and service partner of the Scania brand of trucks in the Philippines, has laid out its plans for the local market in the coming years.While the opening of the first Scania showroom, located on EDSA in
New commercial vehicles for our roads
As evidenced by the crippling effect the Manila truck ban had on local businesses, we know trucks are a key component to the state of our national economy. We only wish that businesses invested more in good machinery, so that we motorists
A one-stop shop in the truck industry
Pilipinas Hino Inc. will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, and from its origin as a joint venture between Filipino investors, Hino Motors and the Marubeni Corporation of Japan under the Philippine government's Progressive Truck Manufacturing Program, the company has evolved
A must-read for truck buyers
With the continued proliferation of secondhand trucks that ply our roads, Isuzu Philippines Corporation is once again notifying truck operators that, while these reconditioned vehicles are cheap to purchase and require a minimal initial cash outlay, the factors involved in their ownership
Helping move the economy forward
As proof that its heavy-duty trucks are among the most efficient and reliable in the market today, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) recently turned over 53 brand-new Isuzu CYZ51 dump trucks to Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC), the country's largest producer
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