To attract midsize SUV buyers
We didn't see this move coming. Honda Cars Philippines has just announced a more affordable variant of its Odyssey MPV with an additional seat. It's called the Odyssey EX, and it gets new front and rear bumper designs, a new
With 2.5-liter engine
When the new Subaru Outback was launched, people hailed it for its versatility. It was comfortable--a sound long-distance vehicle that offered the space of an MPV and the off-road capability of a crossover SUV. Good news for those who
Most extreme model to wear red 'H' badge
The Honda Civic is one of those cars that cater to a wide audience. Young college kids, middle-aged executives, housewives ferrying the kids to and from school--pretty much everyone seems to love this long-standing model for its mix of
Filipino owners can only drool in envy
Toyota's United Kingdom customers, particularly those who are looking to buy an 86 (called GT86 in the UK), are lucky since the Japanese carmaker is offering them not only a new entry-level variant to the popuar sports car, but also
Makes base variants more competitive
The new Honda City has been out for only five months, and judging by the number of units we see on the road, it seems to be doing well. According to an official source, an average of about 700 City units are
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