The in-game photos give us a sneak peek
Do you want the good news first or the bad news? The bad news is that we're going to have to wait a little longer for the already-quite-long-awaited reboot of Forza Motorsport.Where previously the game was
Ready your couches
There's nothing quite like the start of a new year. The renewal of hope, the opportunity to take stock of your life and, most importantly, a whole 12 months' worth of new upcoming racing games to salivate over. The year 2023
The game was memorable for an entire generation
For a certain generation of gamers, the opening strains of 'All I Want' by punk band The Offspring are inextricably linked to the image of a bright yellow taxi launching clear over a San Francisco-style trolley car. Sega's open world
Will it be out by next year?
The recent leak of early footage from Grand Theft Auto 6 won't derail the game's progress, according to the boss of GTA publisher Take Two Interactive.Responding to a recent question on whether the leak had caused any residual damage,
As seen in ‘OutRun’
Here it is, folks: the Ferrari Testarossa Spider, a car that you-if you're anything like us-have driven for countless miles... without ever actually touching.As you're probably aware by now, the Testarossa Spider never made it to series
This should make for some fun gaming
With the recent silicon shortage making it hard to get both new cars and video game consoles, BMW has decided to roll the two into one by turning the center section of its BMW Curved Display into a fully fledged in-car
Do you think this is a step in the right direction?
Some say that Need for Speed isn't what it used to be. That said, the franchise is still a decent way to burn time if you're looking for something more arcade-like to play out your deepest street racing fantasies.
Looking forward to this release?
Famously, Grand Theft Auto V became the fastest-selling 'entertainment' product-not game, entertainment-in history. Over its first three days, it raked in a cool billion dollars, and ranks among one of the best video games ever made. It's a
Ah, s***. Here we go again.
When did you first explore the wonderful world of cars? For many millennials, Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto series played a huge part in developing their curiousity for motorized vehicles. Aside from letting you wreak all sorts of havoc in an open-
A bit much?
Any gamers here? Chances are you've heard of a little handheld device called the Nintendo Switch. It sort of took the world by storm when it came out a couple of years ago with a simple premise: Gaming on the go.
Whenever that may be
Planning on visiting Japan once it's finally safe to do so? If yes, chances are Universal Studios Japan might be part of your itinerary. You know, on account of the kids. This has nothing to do with you wanting to try
*Converted from US dollars
Well, we finally have some idea how much we'll need to splurge on a PlayStation 5 if we want to play Gran Turismo 7 on one.Sony has finally revealed the official pricing for its upcoming next-generation console, as well
Any fans here?
Seiko has been on a roll with pop-culture collaborations lately. In June, the watch manufacturer released a special-edition series in partnership with Sega to celebrate the latter's 60th anniversary, and late last year, the company sold a Grand Seiko
That’s a lot for a chair
It's no Recaro office chair, but it will do. This is the Embody gaming-er, we mean office-chair by Herman Miller and Logitech, and at €1,276 (almost P73,000), it's the perfect way to level up your streaming
It helps it's releasing on PlayStation 5
In case you missed it, the PlayStation 5 has finally been revealed. Not a logo, not a new controller, as in the actual next-generation console.More importantly, its initial lineup of games-which includes the likes of a Spider-Man sequel
Are you a Sega fan?
Fans of Sega Out Run, Sega Rally and, well, anything Sega are going to want to set aside some funds right about now because the iconic Japanese game developer is celebrating its 60th anniversary by putting some special-edition merchandise up for
A handheld reminder of simpler times
We never thought we'd say this, but man do we miss commuting. Not the long lines, packed PUVs, and traffic, mind you-we miss the alone time the travel time would provide us.In some ways, a peaceful, long commute home
We’d do anything to see this in the metal
Gran Turismo Sport isn't just everyone's go-to racing simulator-it's a technical tour de force. Visually, it's as close to real-life as you're going to see in a video game. It looks that good.Naturally,
Cool lola
Meet Hamako Mori, also known as Gamer Grandma. She's officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest gaming YouTuber, and she has more than 260,000 subscribers on her channel.Cool, a gaming lola. You're probably also
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