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It looks nowhere near the Ford Ranger that it’s based on
The next-gen Ford Ranger was unveiled a couple of weeks back, so it'll soon be time for Volkswagen to follow suit with its all-new Amarok based on the same platform. First, though, VW has released some slightly odd rhino-
The truck will be launched sometime in 2022
Volkswagen and Ford previously announced an alliance, through which the two industry giants plan to jointly develop a new platform for their next-generation pickups. Now, it appears that we're moving closer to seeing the results-specifically VW's-in their
The best car chase in years
When I was in high school at the turn of the century, the car geek in me was thrilled at the plethora of high-octane car chases that seemed to permeate all the action movies of the time. From the insane nitrous-
Stock don't rock when it comes to pickups these days
Here's your fact of the day: It wasn't until 1987-just 32 years ago-that a team of human being first walked to the North Pole. Hearty congrats to Canadians Richard Weber and Brent Boddy, who rightly deserve their place
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