Another car-themed watch from Casio
Car-themed timepieces are always cool. Remember that Honda Civic Type R-themed Casio from a while back? Well, Casio has done it again, this time partnering with another Japanese carmaker.OTHER STORIES YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED:Opinion: Are motorcycle lanes really
The metal of the gods
Lightweight and strong, titanium has been used for everything from armor plating and alloy wheels, to replacement hips and Russian subs. But for more than a century after its discovery by a Cornish vicar, the metal was little more than a name
A collab between two not-so-subtle companies
Panerai and Brabus, neither exactly renowned for their subtlety, have teamed up for a limited-edition watch. And it's fair to say the finished product doesn't do much to dispel or disprove the preconceptions you probably had about what a
These look great
Are any motorsport fans here looking to add to their watch collection? If you're one of them, then you'll probably be interested in the new racing-themed Edifice timepieces Casio is currently offering.The Edifice Racing Multicolor Series is a
Check out the latest from the Japanese watchmaker
Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Happen to be a fan of wristwatches, too? If so, then this event is for you. From today until Sunday, February 5, the Seiko Philippines Watch Showcase is open to the public. The event
And other pertinent questions
Have you tried explaining the metaverse to an elderly relative? A multi-dimensional digital world is a big leap from looking up your grandchildren on Facebook. And you can't blame Grandma-even the eggiest heads in Silicon Valley can't agree
But it comes at a price
Watches, eh? Whoever thought they'd be useful for more than just telling the time? Well, at least that's the sort of audience Apple was gunning for back in 2015 when it launched its first-generation Watch. Or rather its wearable
Long before they trickled down to aftermarket decals
You might expect a watch column on the pages of a car website to try to lure you in by saying how a mechanical watch is a piece of finely tuned machinery that is basically like wearing a sports car on your
Eurobeat intensifies
Any Initial D or MF Ghost fans here? Well, scratch whatever you've been saving up for this holiday season because Casio has dropped something that'll surely take the top spot on your Christmas wishlist.The watchmaker has released a new
Now that is one clean-looking watch
The Super Cub is easily one of the most iconic scooters from Honda history. As such, if you're going to base a watch off the thing, there's kind of a little pressure to get it right.Thankfully, Seiko's done
Racing style meets a video game classic
Watchmaker TAG Heuer has teamed up with Nintendo to create two limited-edition timepieces celebrating one of the best racing games ever created. A perfect, if expensive, gift for the Mario Kart-obsessed person in your life.The more 'affordable' (in context,
Time is of the essence, even in the middle of nowhere
If you like nothing more than spending your weekends up to your wing mirrors in mud and tricking out your 4x4 with knobbly tires and a snorkel... you might want to complete the look with an appropriate watch.The first question is
We could look at these displays all day
We're in the '-ber' months already? Well, you know what that means: Christmas shopping season is just around the corner-if it isn't here already.Those of you interested in buying a loved one (or yourselves) a brand-new timepiece
Look at that colorway
Honda has collaborated with watchmakers to create special-edition models numerous times in the past. One from recent memory is the Casio Edifice Championship White Edition which Honda Racing helped design toward the end of last year.Now, Honda has teamed up
These are some cool-looking offerings
Montblanc. Are you familiar with the name? Not the watch and accessory company, but the landmark the brand based its name on.The Mont Blanc is actually the highest mountain in Western Europe. Located in Italy's Aosta valley, one of Mont
Featuring Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Roshi, and even Shenron
As you may have noticed, we're fans of watches here at Top Gear Philippines. And we mean all sorts of timepieces, not just the classy or automotive-inspired kind. What you'll see here is proof.Check out the new Swatch
Stylish and functional
Are you the type of guy or gal who wears a different watch depending on your outfit or mood? Or hell, if you're loaded, maybe you even mix and match your timepiece with your car or motorcycle. If you consider yourself
This Civic Type R x Astron timepiece is a limited-edition model in Japan
Say hello to what might be one of the biggest drops this year: The Civic Type R x Astron, a collab between Honda and Seiko. So, will we be calling this... a hot watch? No? Okay, then.This timepiece is based on
We’re digging the colors here
Any Seiko fans here? Who are we kidding-we know there's more than a handful of you guys reading this. There are at least a couple that are part of the Top Gear Philippines team, and the brand's timepieces are
Read more about the seven new models here
Orient Star is marking its 70th anniversary this year. In celebration, the watch brand has released four limited-edition timepieces: a Mechanical Moon Phase, a Modern Skeleton, and his and hers versions of a Classic Semi Skeleton.The 70th-anniversary edition Mechanical
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