It packs a lot of tech
What if we told you that somewhere out there is a Casio that costs as much as the down payment for a high-end SUV? Shocking, we know, but such a thing truly does exist.This is the G-Shock MRGB1000D-1A,
Godzilla turns 65 this year
Fun fact: Seiko and Godzilla have a shared history. Sort of. 'The King of the Monsters' first debuted in 1954. In that film, he appears in the town of Ginza, the birthplace of Seiko. He also destroys the clock tower that rises
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of ‘On Her Majesty's Secret Service’
With No Time To Die scheduled for release in 2020, the James Bond franchise is still going strong nearly 60 years after Sean Connery first uttered "Bond, James Bond" on the silver screen. In fact, this year marks another small but significant
The exhibit is a tribute to the company’s history
In celebration of Swiss Month in August, the Primer Group of Companies, along with Lucerne, Grimalkin, and the Embassy of Switzerland in the Philippines, hosted the Victorinox Gallery at the Atrium in Podium Mall, Pasig City.The exhibit, which was held from
Some good-looking timepieces
We love our cars, but we love watches, too. And one thing we enjoy is when car brands and watchmakers collaborate to create some memorable timepieces. And while collaborations between luxury brands are cool (that $1-million McLaren watch made by Richard
Only 200 pieces of the Blue Whale Limited Edition will be made
There are two things that make each piece in any type of collection special: value and story. It's not always that you hit those two birds with one stone, but this latest timepiece from Oris lets you do just that.The
Ladies, check these out
The original Carrera collection was launched in 1963 and continues to thrive within motorsports culture. Good news, then, as the Swiss watchmaker has just released the Carrera Lady collection.The timepieces in the revamped Carrera Lady collection-all in 36mm-feature a
As timeless as a classic should be
Modern cars are cool and all, don't get us wrong. But there's a certain appeal that comes with driving a classic nameplate. Maybe it's because of the nostalgic feelings they evoke, or their Instragam-worthy curves, or the admiration
It has carbon bits, too
Baselworld 2019 is currently ongoing in Switzerland. In case you're not familiar, the annual event is basically the North American International Auto Show of the watch world. Each year, the world's biggest watchmakers reveal their latest pieces and
Italian on the wrist
Watches brandishing carmaker logos are nothing new. But there are options out there as well if you prefer tw0-wheelers. If you fancy having a bit of Italian flair on your wrist that shows off your inner rider, these new timepieces will
Visit the Museum in Motion
At Top Gear, we believe that cars and watches mix. Both are functional, aspirational, and boast long histories of innovation. Both come in different shapes, forms, sizes, and prices, and also attract some of the most dedicated enthusiasts. And just like how
Perfect for driving an old car
We've often said that the love for cars and watches often go hand in hand. It's why we often see that many of our automotive industry friends are also active members in watch-related Facebook groups. Some watch and car
Like cars controlled by humans, the mechanical watch isn’t going anywhere
Everyone knows where the car industry is heading. It will seem increasingly crazy to allow clumsy humans to drive polluting cars on public roads, and soon, the day will come when we reluctantly go fully electric and hand the controls to our
Tributes to the legend
There's perhaps no name more regal in the world of motorsports than that of Ayrton Senna. The Brazilian three-time Formula 1 champion continues to inspire long after his passing. As a tribute to the legend, TAG Heuer has just released
The opening was graced by PBA royalty
Quezon City shoppers can now get their hands on a TAG Heuer watch close to home. The Swiss watchmaker has just opened its new boutique in TriNoma.The boutique is the first in the country to feature the brand's new store
For the British carmaker's 100th anniversary
Love car-inspired watches? Here's news for you: British car brand Bentley has just renewed its partnership with Swiss luxury watchmaker Breitling, with which it has enjoyed a strong alliance since 2003. As part of the new deal, Breitling will now
We’re talking millions here
The Nissan GT-R is expensive. It's fun to drive and is a living legend, but still pricey nonetheless. But would you believe there's a watch out there that beats the GT-R's price tag?Grand Seiko, the luxury
Fit for almost any occasion
Watch afficionados might beg to differ, but for most people, one wristwatch that suits every outfit and occasion is enough. If you're going that route, then you'll want to make sure that your timepiece of choice is casual enough to
The Oris Chronoris has a rich history
There's a school of thought among watch and fashion afficionados that you need several watches in your collection, each one for a different occasion. For example, you should have a subtle, classy watch for dressy affairs, a robust one for
Keeping time in style
Because we love watches (arguably) as much as we love cars, here are some of the coolest and most iconic motorsports-inspired watches ever made. You may want to hold off on counting your savings to buy them, though--some of these
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