Going high-octane

Choose the right fuel
by Ferman Lao | Aug 3, 2009

Dear Ferman,

I just want to know if I could use Petron\'s XCS (95 RON). Ford Balintawak told me that I could only use a 97 octane fuel for my car, that is why I only use V-power/Blaze.


Brian Cruz

Hi, Brian!

Given that the alternative fuel you want to use is rated in RON (Research Octane Number)--which is less detonation-resistant than a fuel rated in MON (Motor Octane Number) for the same number--it would be best to use what you are currently using.

If you want an alternative to Blaze or V-Power, you can try SeaOil\'s Extreme 97. High-performance engines often demand fuels that are resistant to knocking due to their nature (higher static compression ratio, more aggressively tuned ECU programming, etc.) but using a high octane fuel on an engine that can\'t take advantage of such won\'t do much other than to increase your fuel costs.

Best regards,

Ferman Lao

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