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Hi, Ferman!

I bought my car last year and I started to get bored with the stock features. I began buying your magazines to know more about cars and went on to upgrading my car’s exterior and interior accessories. I already changed my rims to mags and my headlights to HID (although I felt guilty when I read your September 2009 article  about it in Top Gear Philippines magazine). I added a subwoofer to my sound system, and changed the wipers and other small items that I can change. 

Right now, I’m planning to upgrade my car’s performance. Can you give me ideas about turbo, exhaust systems and nitro (I don’t really know if I need this although I also want to go into racing), and about changing my suspension and brakes? I already asked some people in Banawe and they told me I’d spend only P30,000 for the works I want done. I doubt if this amount is enough since I know it would take more. I’ve already saved up about P100,000 for this modification.

Can you help me and point me to the right direction?

Thanks and best regards!


Hi, Excel!

I don’t know what your car is but I would advise you to stay away from those you referred to as “some people in Banawe” who gave you a quote of P30,000 for the things you want.

Without knowing what your car is, it’s not going to be easy to answer your query. But typically, a brand-new proper retrofit turbo system will cost about P150,000 for most EFI (electronic fuel injection) engines. The cost of brakes and suspension modifications will vary depending on the kind or level of performance you want to achieve.

AutoPlus, HP Racing, Speedlab, Speedworks and Titan are some of the places you should consider visiting for the mods you want for your car.

You may also want to check out the Motormouth section of Top Gear Philippines from March to May 2009 for additional reading materials about turbo systems, and some of the earlier issues of the magazine this year for more information about brakes and suspension.

Best regards,

Ferman Lao
Technical editor

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