Conquering the hill the old-fashioned way

No car is ever too old to compete in a race
by Paulo Rafael Subido | Oct 11, 2011

Because no car is ever too old to compete in a race, here's a quick post about some very interesting cars that caught my eye during the second round of the Hill Climb Club of the Philippines championship at Barangay Pias, La Union. There were some very nice machines present, but because this is Rust 'n' Pieces, I was drawn to some of the older cars.

These guys are obviously friends, and you can tell that their Lancers mean business. Judging from how some of their Saturn engines idle, I wouldn�t be surprised if these hill climbers were running racing camshafts. Nothing beats the sound of a 1,600cc Saturn with a racing cam 5, a single side-draft carburetor, and custom headers. I can�t help but appreciate the DIY spirit present here. To some, this car might not look like much, but it is a car set to race in a legal event. That makes it pretty cool in my book. It looks like a proper restoration was done on this L-type.

This stunning L-type didn�t run, however. It might be a little too tidy to compete. Yellow really works for this generation of Lancer . The man behind the wheel of this blue beauty clocked some very impressive times. I�m sure blasting up the hill in a feather-light, rear-wheel-drive vehicle is more challenging (and exciting). Japanese nostalgic cars weren�t the only cars that represented the older era.

These two Volkswagen Beetles were ready to clock some respectable times as well. It may need some bodywork and paint, but its engine and handling departments are just fine. I also bumped into an old friend from Baguio that day. This is Mark Herrera and his girlfriend, alongside their collectible 1962 Beetle. This is one of the freshest Beetles in Baguio. There's no putty whatsoever on its body. Trust me. I checked. Is it crazy that Mark is competing with such a rare VW? He doesn�t think so; and neither do we. Do check out Top Gear�s Speed Issue this month for more about this adrenaline-infused hill climb round. Again, thanks for reading!

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