Hanging with the Cartistics Auto Club (Part 7 of 9)

by Paulo Rafael Subido | Nov 27, 2009
Don wasn’t the only Savet brother to be around for this car show. These guys are obviously fans of old Toyotas. This car that you see is done very well. It looks so unique, so you have to hand it to the Savets for making a Corolla that really stands out. This particular car has been in the Savet family for a long time now, passed on from brother to brother. There is no doubt that this ride evokes a lot of memories for the siblings. cartistics-part-7-image-01 Name: Jay Savet Car: 1973 Toyota Corolla (US version) Why old-school?: “Masarap kapag naalala mo yung mga dati. Iba rin kapag tumatakbo ka sa kalye at ilan-ilan lang yung tumatakbo na ganito eh. Dun, natutuwa na ako.” Restoration Tip: “Pinakamahirap yung parts eh. Kailangan pag may nakuha ka, kunin mo na kaagad.” Also, find a car that you really want to restore. It’s easy to repair, but finding parts is hard. The masilya question: “Dapat manipis talaga. At yung alignment dapat tama lahat.” cartistics-part-7-image-02 cartistics-part-7-image-03 cartistics-part-7-image-04 cartistics-part-7-image-05 This baby was modified to look like a stock USDM Corolla with the extended bumpers. There are also a few details that make it USDM, like the additional mouldings on the trunk lid. cartistics-part-7-image-06 Check out the PIAA headlights, which are quite rare says Jay. cartistics-part-7-image-07 These rims work with only a handful of cars, but in this case it matches the lines and shape perfectly. These are called ATS. What those letters stand for I am not so sure. Care to share some info? Leave a comment. cartistics-part-7-image-08 The engine has twin Weber down-draught carbs, a break from the more common side-draughts. Everything is mostly stock except for this. You have to love how clean and colorful it is, thanks to the high-tension wires and clear distributor cap. cartistics-part-7-image-09 cartistics-part-7-image-10 Yet again, the interior is in excellent shape, ready for a car show! Still can’t get enough? Stay tuned for upcoming posts! There are more surprises to come!
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